My flash fiction story [BIOLA!] made etisalat’s top 80! With your help, I can be #1
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Ogunbowale Olugbenga is a vast, fast rising brand strategist with one single dream: Brand Africa. With 4 years’ experience in visual branding, Gbenga is a multiple award winning speaker & trainer directly involved in at least 20 brand births, 400 PowerPoint slides for top Government functionaries, organizations and individuals, 600 top quality graphical designs and over 1,573 people trained via live seminars in Ife, Ibadan and Lagos on the platform of his company, Epower. A 2013 graduate of the department of Psychology, Obafemi Awolowo University, He was most recently nominated for the Junior Chamber International Nigeria outstanding young person award, 2013.

BIOLA! Is not just another flash fiction, IT IS A STORY WITH A MESSAGE.
‘BIOLA!’ made etisalat’s top 80! With your help, I can be #1
Olugbenga Ogunbowale / Nigeria
Title: BIOLA!
Beautiful, benevolent and blessed with all the right curves in all the right places: Biola was every guy’s dream.
To everyone’s surprise, my brother, Sola, announced He was getting married. He just concluded his youth service and had no job to sustain him talk less of feeding a family, but this was his making: He impregnated a lady after just 1 month of meeting her!
My Dad, a no-nonsense, fire-spitting clergy was furious! He raised his children with the fear of God & wondered how my brother, his son, got the guts to impregnate someone outside the confines of marriage.
From the court to the microscopically populated reception: It was a very quiet wedding. Both families exchanged pleasantries at Biola’s house. They wept for joy as she was driven away. It was a very emotional scene: I nearly cried.
Dad’s Achilles heel was his temper. He lashed out at the slightest fault and couldn’t stand one second of mediocrity. So stunned was I on seeing the rapport between father and daughter-in-law! She ran errands, did the chores and spent quality time with Dad. She even had the ‘magical’ ability to decipher what Dad wanted before He said it!
It’s been 3 months since I saw Sola, Biola & baby Nike.
Stepping into their unlocked flat, I hear Nike’s loud cry in the room. I stride towards the door to find Nike alone. Suddenly, Sola runs into the room in a bid to dodge something Biola is wielding, something resembling a bottle of star. I’m about to scream stop but the next thing I know is waking up with a hurting head, barely seeing Dad & Sola beside me at the intensive care unit of University College Hospital the next day.

Hope you agree with me that BIOLA! Is not just another flash fiction, IT IS A STORY WITH A MESSAGE.
‘BIOLA!’ made etisalat’s top 80! With your help, I can be #1

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CEO at Epower, Curator at PROJECT X, Trailblazer, Multiple award winner.

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