By popular demand, Here’s THE COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT of #BURST

On the very 2nd day in the 11th month of 2013, I participated in the much anticipated and widely acclaimed brand focused tweet show #BURST hosted by Africa’s youngest corporate event host (Ayomide Atitebi), and by popular demand, I present to you the epoch making tweets (edited for better readability) that have continued to make headlines around the globe!

HOST (@AyoAtitebi)
It’s a great evening today, the 2nd day of November 2013 & of course, it’s a delight welcoming you to the 1st BRAND FOCUSED SOCIAL MEDIA TALK SHOW on TWITTER
Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this is the 1st REAL & BOLD Brand Show that is creating an INTERACTIVE approach to discourse on Social Media! And this among several other factors justify the global attention this Show has generated & indeed, individual curiosity, so to tweet!

For today’s Show, I’m your HOST, Ayomide ATITEBI, tweeting LIVE & DIRECT via #BURST &you can simply keep up with the Show via the same channel #BURST
It is powerfully sponsored by @OYAmagng @ameebo360 @eleven32ng, houseoftalentng & of couse, Funsowatersblog! So, welcome to the FUTURE!

Now, today on d Show, we shall be examining from a very critical perspective, a life & death issue. Sounds a bit surprising you say? Yes, it is. But hey, don’t panic! In a matter of seconds, you will be learning in full, BRANDING! And I bet u don’t want to miss this young man dispense great insights from his ever-loaded arsenal of useful information.

To this end, we will be traversing the length & breadth of strategies you need to build your personal & business brands from the scratch.
@gbengaogun it’s a pleasure having you on the show today and indeed, to the first Social Media Talk Show on branding
GUEST (@gbengaogun)
Thank you very much. @AyoAtitebi
It’s a pleasure having you on the show today and indeed, to the first Social Media Twitter Talk Show on Branding. I’m glad to be here. Talk about smashing records: That’s branding!
HOST (@AyoAtitebi)
Now, I’m aware our followers out there can’t wait for all that my guest has to illuminate on the show2day, but let’s take a short break.
Glad to know you’re still here and the Show is still BRANDING UNPLUGGED FOR RADICAL STRATEGIC THINKERS with @AyoAtitebi #BURST
We have online this evening @gbengaogun, award winning brand strategist. So Gbenga, let’s begin with the most basic: Why are we discussing branding right now?
Let me attempt to answer your question with some questions:
Why is a fair-complexioned lady automatically thought of as beautiful?
Would the same fair-complexioned lady be attractive still if she suddenly became black?
Would you buy a simple black shirt without any logo or label?
How about a black shirt with a bold Nike logo across it?
Branding is the reason you take note of a single fair-complexioned lady in the multitude of black ladies, the reason why you would pay almost any amount for that Nike shirt but not want to pay a penny for that logo-less shirt.
Branding is the reason why GTB is Nigeria’s most profitable bank, why Apple sold 9M iPhones in less than 72hrs after launch. Brands rule our world, this world, and the earlier you come to terms with it, the faster you can blow your way into the hearts, minds and pockets of your prospective customers
And yes, it is indeed good to be here, and I am glad to be here.
That was quite something. I’m on the edge on my seat right now! Gbenga, before we talk about what branding really is, I’d like you to clarify, ratify or nullify some of these commonly held beliefs.
ONE ‘THE LOGO IS THE BRAND’, @gbengaogun how true is this position? #BURST
If you think a fancy logo is what branding is all about, you are grossly mistaken! The logo is only a visual component of a brand. The Apple logo [though beautiful] appears cool because Apple is perceived as cool and not the other way around. Thinking that a fanciful logo is all that there is to branding is out rightly wrong & utterly misleading. That’s what I think about the logo myth.
Now, @gbengaogun Lets consider the second belief: Some folks believe that BRANDING is PACKAGING! What do you say? Is this true?
Branding is not just about beautiful packaging, it is also about brilliant content. In fact, a brand is not a brand until its content is rock solid and its packaging is wow! A Brand is the corresponding emotion of delight or disdain experienced by a customer that experiences you through one or more of the five senses especially through Seeing your logo or hearing your name
That is thick. Can you break it down?
Sure. When you see the PHCN logo on your bill, you think some certain thoughts and feel a certain way. Well I feel sorry for Nigeria when I see that logo, I don’t know how you feel. That’s PHCN’s brand to me. PHCN’s brand is not as advertised on TV, it is as conceived in my mind, your mind
This is quite a surprise if you ask me and I’m sure a lot of peeps out there also will agree with this. It’s been a moment of great expositions on the concept of branding on the show today with @gbengaogun. And the audience has been a very great one. In case you’re just joining us, this is BRANDING UNPLUGGED FOR RADICAL STRATEGIC THINKERS!
Before we continue, let’s look at what some of our participants have been contributing to this FIRST BRAND SOCIAL MEDIA TWEET TALK SHOW!
You can send in your contributions by tweeting at @AyoAtitebi and be sure that your contributions will be recorded
Keep sending your contributions to @AyoAtitebi. The show is still BRANDING UNPLUGGED FOR RADICAL STRATEGIC THINKERS with @AyoAtitebi
Now @gbengaogun are you saying that only brands that strike deep emotional chords with customers make their way into hearts, minds &wallets?
Definitely, BRANDING helps individuals& companies create easily identifiable, very distinctive products with massive emotional appeal.
Branding is d process of developing consumer beliefs & perceptions that are accurate & in alignment with what you want your brand to be.
Until somebody decides to brand something, it remains a COMMODITY. Until someone decides to brand himself, he is a NONENTITY.
He who withholds cash to brand will crash and not land.
In a sentence, branding is the process of building a positive collection of perceptions in your customers’ minds.
When people encounter your biz name, they automatically conjure up impressions & memories that determine what they believe about you.
Their notions may be d result of communications you’ve had with customers, or they may be the result of good or bad publicity
Your customers may have a deep well of perceptions about you, or your slate may be free of any impressions whatsoever.
Hmmm… @gbengaogun so branding is about concretizing consumer beliefs& perceptions that are accurate& in alignment with what u are?
Your brand = your perception bank
If what u think u do is not what people think u do, you’re not in touch with reality, you’re out of business. If what u do is what people think you do, you have a brand. If people love what you do, you have a great brand.
What if I’m learning about Branding for the very 1st time & I have a business. What Can I do right now?
If you have a business already, I’d like u2 answer the following questions: My organization is: What? For whom? Who want what?
Whether or not you currently run a business, the following tips will help you:
Brand when you’re ready to make a promise to customers, and brand by making a promise you can keep.
Mr Biggs has a slogan: always good & yesterday, their rice tasted so good, I almost bit my tongue: they’re always good!
@Channels_TV prides itself as ‘your home for the news’ &ask any Nigerian with access to cable TV, they’ll tell you they’re the best
@OYAmagng is focused on youths making a difference & focus directs branding. @OYAmagng is a good brand

@ameebo360 gives u the hottest gist in town. It’s not trying to sell u financial advice! That’s powerful branding! It is a great news blog!
Look at the name @ameebo360 and tell me u don’t think about ‘gossips’. POWERFUL NAME, SPECTACULAR BRAND!
@eleven32ng Host org: #NSR2013 and has @CapacityBuildr as the founder. Talk about courage, character & competence. They’ve got it! #BURST
It’s definitely #Burst people! Here is where I’d rather be right now. My guest is still @gbengaogun BRAND STRATEGIST
@gbengaogun are u saying that it’s not branding when you make a bogus promise in order to attract clients? In other words, how important is it to keep promises?
Very important. Making a bogus promise can attract clients but it won’t keep them.
Branding isn’t a coating that you slap on (usually in the form of a new logo) to mask or transform a product offering. Treating branding like some skin-deep solution to your business’s problems is like putting lipstick on a pig: people see through the makeup, no matter how thick the application.
Branding has to go all the way to the core of who you are and what you stand for.
Look at Apple today. Its philosophy is ‘think different’. Only very few skeptics would doubt that statement. The fact speaks for itself. 9M phones sold in less than 72hrs after d launch of Iphones 5s and 5c with millions of devotees’ queuing up for hours and sometimes days to be the first to lay hands on the latest Apple phones. That could only be branding!
@oyamagng is into events coverage, red carpet coverage, hype PR and publicity. That’s good entertainment from a great brand! #BURST
You are truly a maestro here. Lots of accolades are coming in for your very great insights. The show is still #BURST
And I have been discussing with @gbengaogun (CEO, Epower)
Thank you very much. I’m loving #BURST I hope u are…
Terrific! Hmm: People constantly ask me why the rebranding Nigeria campaign by the former Minister of Information failed! Any comments?
The campaign, though conceived by brilliant individuals was based on faulty assumptions Rebranding an entire country is never going to be achieved via TV commercials. Never. It is a grassroots thing. The campaign was trying to put lip stick on the terrible image of our dear Nation without first addressing our basic integrity issues.
An approach that will see our leaders stay true to promises and prompt followers to wake up is what we need.
Of course, the campaign lacked consistency and in branding, Consistency is more important than level of execution. We’ve seen too many companies develop award-winning logos and impressive brand launch materials only to have their brand images go sideways when the customer has an actual brand experience. According to brand expert Rick Barrera: “Over promise and over deliver” don’t just make mouth, MAKE A MOVE!
CNN has been the hottest cable news network since inception and it is the first. That’s powerful branding!
@AyoAtitebi is a fantastic corporate events host who keeps thrilling audiences one show at a time: that’s terrific branding!
This certainly is the biggest thing that has happened to social media judging by the amount of fantastic contributions I have here #BURST
Earlier today, the show was featured on the world’s biggest website on Social Media Reports and the recognition has gone viral #BURST
Okay, let’s go back to our focus. Of course, we’ve learnt quite a lot about branding so far, but I ask: what can I brand?
Products fall into two categories:
Commodities are products that customers can’t differentiate from one another because they all seem to serve the same need, solve the same problem, and deliver the same value.
If people can’t see a clear reason to buy one product over another, if they think that all available products deliver the same value and quality they buy whatever’s available at the lowest price, which is hardly a formula for business success.
Branded products are the opposite of commodities.
Branding is a powerful tool that differentiates your offering in ways that create consumer preference & allow u to command premium pricing.
TWO: Service businesses
Services are products that people buy sight-unseen.
People buy services purely based on their trust that the person or business they’re buying from will deliver as promised.
When service is your offering, customers buy your brand. They buy into and trust your promise of superb service.
THREE: Individuals
Individual brands come in two types: personal brands and personality brands
Oh, individuals too? How is that so, please?
Personal brands reflect personal reputations. They differentiate individuals by creating awareness of who they are what they stand for, what they do best, and how they contribute to the world around them
By developing a personal brand, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field Enhance your visibility and reputation within our community or industry Differentiate yourself from competitors based upon your unique style and talents Gain influence in social or business arenas
Personality brands:
Personality brands are personal brands gone big-time
They’re individual brands that are so large and strong that they not only deliver wide-reaching personal celebrity but also create significant value when associated with products or people who develop personality brands often use their visibility to present or endorse products (e.g @usainbolt wears Puma) quickly increasing product visibility, sales, and brand equity as a result of association with the celebrity’s name.
Definitely these are what I call the trillion Dollars insight if at all they are valuable! For me, these are INVALUABLE.
On to the next question. Just as there are laws guiding the universe, are there laws that govern branding?
Sure, there are quite a number but for the sake of time, let’s focus on the most important laws as propounded by Al & Laura Ries. As always small laws are subject to big laws.
#1 the law of expansion:
The power of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope. if you want to know how strong a brand is, look at the scope: if its narrow, good, if wide: bad. Very bad. The scope is the amount of things they do, their range of products or services. To illustrate this point, Starbucks is generally acknowledged as the leader in serving great coffee but it has struggled over the years to expand into fast food. Question is, why would anyone dump regulars like MacDonald’s and KFC for Starbucks in that category? It’s the same as expecting KFC and MacDonald’s customers to dump Starbucks coffee for a new kind of KFC coffee. Except Starbucks screws up its formula, it’s not going to happen.
I am not saying that extending a brand is totally bad, but launching a me-too product will only get a brand into serious trouble (ask Microsoft how much it has ‘made’ on the surface!)
#2 the law of contraction
 A brand becomes stronger when you narrow its focus. Most brands the way to get bigger is to do more things: sell more products, offer more services blah blah blah. That’s falsehood at its highest! A brand gets stronger when it focuses on a few key things. Apple is definitely the best example here. IBM is also a good case study.
Beyond rhetorics @gbengaogun has done great justice to the focus of this Show this evening & I’m sure it won’t be forgotten soon! Finally on the Show today, what are the advantages of building a brand?
 Apple has more fans than most rock stars! They sell faster too! When you have a great brand, selling becomes a-b-c
Google is world famous & we all contribute to her wealth whether we know it or not. google=Search! Powerful!
Coke is 127 years old. In Nigeria, First bank is still very much around. In fact, First bank is the country’s largest bank by assets despite being founded in 1894!
If you know and use branding religiously like the Coke’s & the First banks of this world, you’ll stay around for a long long time !
 IBM kept losing money on its PC division until it was sold to lenovo. More is less & less is more the more u brand, the more u see!
What more can be said? How else can one understand the concept of Branding beyond today’s exposition with @gbengaogun ? #BURST
A lot of contributions in the form of replies really made today’s Show a massive success and a very interesting one!
While I wish I could have my guest @gbengaogun to respond to the numerous questions I have here, time is a luxury we cannot afford!
It’s been a splendid time for me hosting the FIRST SOCIAL MEDIA TALK SHOW here on TWITTER! And the feeling is an inexplicable one!
This Show wouldn’t have been this much successful were it not for the INVALUABLE support of our MEDIA PARTNERS!
@OYAmagng @ameebo360 @eleven32ng ,HOUSE OF TALENTS NG and of course, FUNSOWATERSBLOG.
Great thanks to my fantabulous guest on the Show today @gbengaogun -Award Winning Brand Strategist.
@gbengaogun thank you for honoring my invitation to be on this epochal show today despite your very tight schedules.
GUEST (@gbengaogun)
@AyoAtitebi THE PLEASURE IS MINE #burst
And of course, thanks for supporting the show with your value-adding blog:
To the audience, you made this happen. Thanks for staying true and thanks for your very tangible contributions!
Just before the final remark, the lucky winners of our free graphic designs sponsored by will be announced tomorrow.
On this note, I say all is well that ends well. Today’s show has been a trail blazer and a magnificent display of vision& creativity!
Have a wonderful night rest all to you and remember, the PERCEPTION is the branding! Every other thing is an ILLUSION! #BURST

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Ogunbowale Olugbenga is a multiple award winning social entrepreneur & digital skills expert. An alumnus of the Leadership in Business Institute of Kellogg School of Management (USA), He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria). Inspired by the plight of millions of unemployed youths, Olugbenga founded, a digital agency passionately growing businesses & accelerating the application of digital skills for economic prosperity across Africa. To help institutions prevent scandals & promote performance, Gbenga founded Polivoice.Work, an anonymous employee feedback tool that captures & analyses feedback anonymously in real time to detect, predict & improve work place conditions. A Mandela Washington Fellow, Tony Elumelu Fellow, Royal Common wealth society fellow, YALI star of business & YALI network influencer, Olugbenga is the founder of Africa’s biggest orphanage outreach, The Orphan Empowerment Society, with a 5,000 strong volunteer force and a presence in 19 African countries empowering thousands of orphans with free vocational skills, medical care, & food. He is also the co-founder of the communication & leadership organization, Pacesetters Leadership Club.

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