Whether or not you know it, everyone has a brand by default, question is: what kind of brand do you have?

Everything you do or say and how you look contributes to how you’re perceived and consequently treated by others.  And in the world of personal branding, there are only two kinds of people: creators & consumers.

Every single thing you enjoy today from the chair you sit on to the phone in your pocket, to the fine clothes you’re adorned in & to your laptops & tablets were created by people like you who became powerful brands. Without your bags, your books will be badly torn. Without the chair, we’d all sit on the floor to listen to lectures and at work. Without the air conditioner, living in a naturally hot place like Dubai would have been a pipe dream, without Edison’s light bulb, the world would still be dark. What will you be remembered for? Who will you be remembered as?
I’ve got news for you: you are either your greatest asset or your biggest liability.
Your life is an investment that must not be bent
Life is a journey, a flight, if you want to land, you must brand.
Ogunbowale Olugbenga
Brand Strategist & C.E.O Epower
twitter: @gbengaogun
whatsapp: 08037285780

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