It’s been like forever since I last posted here and I hope you hear me out before you pass a ‘guilty’ verdict on me for the sin of not posting for a while.
Actually, I have been on the road lately: from Ife to Abuja to Lagos and back to Ife, it’s been such an exciting, exquisite experience.
Now is not the time to relive all the moments but let me share with you briefly, an experience that changed my life drastically & dramatically.
I was selected among 35 young Africans who participated at Africa’s most prestigious and longest running youth democracy training program called DESPLAY (Democracy Series for Participatory Learning & Action by Youth). It was the 9thseason and the 1st semester and it held between the 11-14thof February, 2014.
From fantastic facilitators like Kingsley Bangwell (Team leader, youngstars foundation) who taught us passionately about “why we are here: emerging leaders” and “purpose of democracy and government” to the very cerebral participants from across Africa, DESPLAY season 9 was all fireworks (expect the report soonest).
And even though talking about my fellow participants would most likely require a book, I have decided to reveal them to you one per day for the next 31 days.
To kick things off is a man of timbre, caliber and ‘iroko’. A strong, passionate intellectual who has traveled far and wide. He is a voice for the new Nigeria and a very active player in international politics. We call him, ‘radical mandate’. 
HB 44 House of Representative National Assembly Complex,
Three Arms Zone Abuja.
Tell: 08033947094, 08140939565
Email: radicalmandate@gmail.com
10 years successful experience providing fiscal, strategic and operational leadership in uniquely challenging situations.
Dynamic, committed and a vibrant youth activist, who has strong passion for youth development. results-oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high paced youth organizations, a Graduate of Applied Geology with excellent political connections as an elected member of the Nigeria youth parliament. Additional areas of expertise includes

·         Establishing Youth Organizations on youth Development, leadership and Youth related issues.
·         Team building and performance improvement
·         Public relations and media affairs
·         Government regulations and relations
·          Event management
·         Finance, budgeting and cost management
·         Conflict and crisis management
Led the African Youth Voice on the Post 2015 Agenda and also on African Youth Charter and advocate of Professionalization of Youth work at the Commonwealth Conference of Education and Training of Youth Workers in University of South Africa, Pretoria and also assisted in setting up and strengthening of Youth Parliament in most African Countries.
 Represented Nigerian Youths in international Conferences such as; Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique e.t.c
 Involvement in Youth Leadership; Democracy and Good Governance issue in Africa, with support from various Youth led Organization to strengthening the unity of Youth Movement in Africa and ensuring that Young People have a common voice and also lending their voice on issues of Governance.
·         Serving  member of the Nigerian youth parliament
·         Ex-National Secretary National Association of Nigerian Students NANS.
·         Ex-Regional director African students tourism organisation
·         Secretary west African youth conference
·         Technical adviser development mentors
·         Secretary African youth leadership initiative
·         Country representative African youth coalition against hunger
·         Coordinator-emerging youth leaders conference on democracy and good governance
§  2013 Recipient of the West African Youth Ambassador by the West African Youths(WAYC)
§  Award of excellence of diligent service by  National Association of Nigeria Students.(NANS)
§  Grand commander of  Nigerian students by National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)