32 Young minds radically reshaping Africa: CHARLES EROMOSELE

Today, all indicators point to the fact that Africa's future needs a fresh perspective and her youths with passion & purpose are the best positioned to secure her future.
The question is: what are the youths of Africa doing to redeem her Image & reshape her future? Is a new Africa possible?

These questions & more prompted me to start an exposition on the lives of youths that are radically reshaping Africa; certain young minds that I encountered at DESPLAY Africa Season 9.

Yesterday, I kicked things off with a man of timbre, caliber and 'iroko'. A strong, passionate intellectual who has traveled far and wide. He is a voice for the new Nigeria and a very active player in international politics. He is HON. OKONKWO CHINEDU COLLINS alias 'radical mandate'.

And today, we have yet another visionary leadership titan.
On a personal note, He is a very active member of DESPLAY media group (which I am privileged to lead) and read the news with such finesse at DESPLAY 9, semester 1. He is cool, calm & collected; tall, chocolate & handsome; full of ideas and certainly cut out for greatness.
Ladies & gentleman, I give you CHARLES EROMOSELE!

Principal Consultant @EFEMIR NIGERIA
| Author & speaker

Charles E. Eromosele is a leadership expert, personal effectiveness coach & bestselling author. He is a very dynamic public speaker that has spoken on many platforms. He is so passionate about helping people discover and maximize their best. He has a gift of not just motivating but consistently coaching people through the process of change, using simple strategies that birth long term results.

Background Information
He is a Nigerian with an exceptional skill in helping people achieve the best of themselves. He is someone that has been a selfless server and contributor to National transformation through youth development since his university days. He was a member of associations like the Red Cross in early secondary days, and an active member of the Rotaract Club (District 9130) where he was part of a lot of projects like charity donations to orphanages, hospitals, schools, villages et.c He was also an MDG (Millenium Development Goal) Facilitator during his youth service days and also was part of several empowerment meetings for both students and corpers.

In 2010, He put action in realizing his vision of setting up a human capacity building organization called EFEMIR Nigeria. EFEMIR is an acronym for EFOBS EMPOWERMENT & INFORMATION RESOURCES. EFEMIR Nigeria is fast becoming a citadel of practical leadership and smart business training place that is helping out SMEs with the knowledge they need to become forerunners of sustainable business leadership.

He is presently embarking on a nationwide sensitization of what He refers to as 'THE NIGERIAN DREAM' which is about national transformation through personal development.

Many people especially youths corpers, students etc. have benefited from his work which He executes with relentless passion. His transcontinental breed of literal rendition seen in his daily writings, social media posts, etc. are mind blowing. They have a huge following around the world.

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