Every 24 seconds, somebody gets raped in South Africa while 40% of reported rapes and attempted rapes target girls younger than 17 years of age. In eastern Congo, the prevalence & intensity of rape & other sexual violence is described as the worst in the world. It is estimated that as many as 400,000 women are raped annually in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Nigeria, the rapidly escalating rate of rape has is worrisome. Almost on a daily basis, reports are made of either a teacher raping a pupil, a religious leader raping a member of his flock, robbers raping a victim, a man raping his sister-in-law or daughter-in-law, a group of boys or men raping a lady, a master raping his house maid, an 80-year-old man raping an eight-year-old-girl and so on.

In a stunning report by Amina Mohammed on the 25th of October 2013, and published exclusively by premium Times, One in ten women surveyed in Niger Delta was either raped or survived a rape attempt in 2012 in the Niger Delta, prompting Amina to label the region as the rape capital of Nigeria.

According to the American Medical Association, sexual violence and rape in particular is considered the most under reported crime, so we can look at all the figures (as bad as they already seem) and multiply them by 3 to get a realistic view of just how pronounced & how much devastation rape is wrecking on the future of children, teens and young adults.

As I pointed out yesterday, ignorance is the chief reason behind the continuous unrest and daily loss of human lives in the north-eastern part of Nigeria. And it is with utmost respect that I introduce you to another radical young mind. A lady who is sold out to fighting rape through enlightening its victims, caring for them and empowering them to empower others. The charming lady goes by the charming name: VICTORIA OKON EKPENYONG.


Victoria Okon Ekpenyong is a trained microbiologist from the University of Calabar.

She is a counsellor and teacher who has counselled several women on health and relationship issues, helping them find their right path. She also has extensive experience working with young children between the age of 5 to 8 years who are victims of rape, helping them overcome this severely devastating physical & emotional trauma.

Victoria is a highly sought after resource person at health seminars in churches, Schools & organizations in Nigeria. She also consultants and volunteers on laboratory practices.
Presently she is involved in personal counselling for the less privileged.

Counselling and teaching women, youths and the young ones on health matters and self-development is what gives her fulfilment. This is made most evident through her fiery passion, commitment, and selfless service. And those, according to her 'will only flourish, not diminish'.

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