32 young minds radically reshaping Africa: ALADEJARE ABIMBOLA

Earlier this year, I was selected among 35 young Africans who participated at Africa’s most prestigious and longest running youth democracy training program called DESPLAY (Democracy Series for Participatory Learning & Action by Youth). It was the 9th season and the 1st semester and it held between the 11-14th of February, 2014.
From fantastic facilitators like Kingsley Bangwell (Team leader, youngstars foundation) who taught us passionately about “why we are here: emerging leaders” and “purpose of democracy and government” to the very cerebral participants from across Africa, DESPLAY season 9 was all fireworks.
And even though talking about my fellow participants would most likely require a book, I chose to reveal them to you one per day. On the 1st of March, I kicked things off with a man of timbre, caliber and ‘iroko’. A strong, passionate intellectual who has traveled far and wide. He is a voice for the new Nigeria and a very active player in international politics. We call him, ‘radical mandate’. HON. OKONKWO CHINEDU COLLINS

And on the 2nd of March, you met Charles E. Eromosele: a leadership expert, personal effectiveness coach & bestselling author. He is a very dynamic public speaker that has spoken on many platforms. He is so passionate about helping people discover and maximize their potentials.
Fast-forward to some 24hrs later and I unveiled a beautiful, dutiful, wonderful lady with a bright smile and a cheerful spirit. Christiana Samuel, took the spotlight with her smashing profile: Christiana Samuel is a young change maker, with a contagious passion for initiating transformation in & around her community. She is the Chief Executive Director of Royal Best Building and Construction Material Nguru, Yobe State, Nigeria.
With utmost respect, I introduced you to another radical young mind on the 4th of March. A lady who is sold out to fighting rape through enlightening its victims, caring for them and empowering them to empower others. The charming lady goes by the charming name: VICTORIA OKON EKPENYONG.

Today, you’ll meet a young global leader whose undeniably superb eloquence, infectious smile & kind, inspiring words will linger on for generations to come. She can hardly sit for a minute as her burst of energy and intellectual prodigy keeps her focused on her focus. I can’t wait to meet her all over again and I’m sure you’re catching the ‘Bola Fever’ already. Ladies & gentlemen, grab an oxygen mask ‘cause you’re about to be left BREATHLESS!
Aladejare Abimbola has been a distinguished youth leader for seven years and she has five years of experience working on Youth Development, Gender Based Violence & HIV/AIDs interventions, Adolescent Reproductive Health, Good Governance, Child Protection & Women Empowerment at the grassroots.
Abimbola is the Founder and Executive Director of The New Generation Girls and Women Development Initiative (NIGAWD), a NGO that works to ensure a society where women are empowered as positive change drivers and children are protected in Nigeria; As the Executive Director, she manages the day to day running of the organization.
She is also the State Secretary of Child Protection Network, a network instituted by UNICEF and comprising of governmental security agencies, ministries and NGOs working with children in Nigeria. Abimbola is experienced in project and organizational management, monitoring, evaluation, reporting & learning as well as case management.
Bola is a Patron to the MDG, CDS Group (Millennium Development Goals, Community Development Service Group) of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) in Ekiti State
Abimbola Aladejare is an entrepreneur to the core; a development worker, a fish farmer and artist who makes anything out of beads; she is also a motivational speaker & Author as well as a Monitoring & Evaluation Expert. As an excellent role model, Abimbola is currently mentoring 25 younger women directly with several others alongside.
She has spoken to over seventy (70) thousand girls in her weekly school based intervention to enlighten secondary school girls on their Reproductive Health and Rights as well as Life Building Skills in Nigeria. She has spoken in a number of youth programs and events as well as television and radio programs in Nigeria.
Her B.Sc in Business Administration from Ekiti State University, Nigeria is in view.

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CEO at Epower, Curator at PROJECT X, Trailblazer, Multiple award winner.

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