“Those that buy the future early buy cheap & sell high to those that played safe yesterday”
Ogunbowale Olugbenga

On the 26th of April, 2014, passionate, proactive youths turned up in their hundreds at BOOA, BOOB & BOOC lecture halls of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-fe, Osun State to write a test. Why did they troop out so enthusiastically? Was it a school test? Was it really important? No it wasn’t a school test & yes it was definitely important as they had showed up in response to an advert that read “BUY THE FUTURE”
It was another version of the widely acclaimed ‘learn from the best series’ from epower that taught the hottest information & communications technology courses (including programming, multi-media, basic computing & social media) and this time, the stakes were higher: attendees were promised free refreshment every day, low students to instructor ratio [to ensure efficient & effective learning as mess creates stress), award winning instructors & loads of free materials.
Back to the scholarship test: it went smoothly and afterwards, there was a free introductory session conducted by the CEO of epower, Ogunbowale Olugbenga. Prospective attendees were exposed to the various courses, their pros & cons. All questions were answered & the attendees were more than convinced writing the test was the right choice.
By popular demand, we conducted a make-up test & the turnout (though not as much as the first one) was very good. The scholarship test was an avenue to help eradicate revenue as a reason for not ‘buying the future’. It helped to slash fees by as much as 50% or more depending on the score of each person.

From the 22nd of May to the 5th of June, attendees were treated to the very finest ICT learning experience as we not only kept, but surpassed our promises:  drinks & snacks were served daily, no single class exceeded 22 students, our veteran instructors made the classes engaging, inspiring & gargantuan in impact, with lots of free materials right from day one, the students bonded not only intellectually but emotionally, and the very last day was simply over-the-moon!
The last day was our closing ceremony and it was a time for inspiration, reflection & appreciation as the attendees compared their expectations before the training with their experience at the training. The CEO, epower then took to the stage to deliver a special presentation that demystified BRANDING, challenged the world view of attendees & motivated them to become branded stars by:
Double refreshments were served, attendees exchanged gifts between one another [each attendee had picked someone else’s name the previous day], feedback & Testimonials were taken, certificates were presented to all attendees & awards were presented to the best students. This was followed by the taking of Pictures & since a great dream without a great team is worthless, the vote of thanks showered encomiums on the entire epower crew and our partners (Charis Fellowship International & Neonatar Board)
In all, a new generation of movers & shakers in Nigeria & Africa’s ICT scene was born. Super-smart, super-talented folks who BOUGHT THE FUTURE and are ready to unleash their potentials by developing & deploying in-demand software programs capable of changing the world. Since we define our success not by the things we have but by the value we create, we were both honored & delighted when attendees were full of outstanding praise for epower at the end of the training. Some of them had these to say:

That’s it folks: you’ve heard from the attendees. And we dare you to watch out for them!

Be rest assured, Epower remains committed to empowering people by delivering the ultimate learning experience in ICT services in Nigeria, Africa and the world through innovation, excellence, superior multimedia performance and unparalleled branding.

Our relentless mission is to radically improve lives and raise the next generation of African tech entrepreneurs who will build the next billion-dollar empires & take the world by storm. Through our passionate dedication to an excellent ICT training experience and accelerated execution and delivery capabilities, we endeavor to be more than just your trusted ICT trainer, we strive to add measurable value to your life. Epower empowers.