“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”
-Winston Churchill

In a few days, I’ll be celebrating my 24th year on this beautiful planet, and for the past 2 years, I have used this occasion to specially give back to the society. Last year, I conducted ICT & branding seminars in Osun [Obafemi Awolowo University] & Oyo [Association for Reproductive & family health] for over 250 persons for free, I gave out 23 NYT best sellers, 23 top documentaries of all time, 23 top motivational messages that have transformed my life, branded several organizations for free, gave out recharge cards to the winners of my essay contest among other things.

From those experiences, here’s what I learnt:
There is fulfillment, joy unspeakable in helping others, teaching others without expecting a reward.
Every life touched is a generation impacted.
Exponential impact occurs when other great leaders buy into a great idea.

In a society with over 35 million unemployed youths and countless underemployed youths, the onus lies on you & me to help make a difference in these lives. I believe that the lowest among us are not different from the highest if you give them a chance and approach them with an open heart. By reaching out to friends in need and acquaintances alike in your community (folks in your church/mosque, Schools, organizations, your street e.t.c) by teaching them that skill you’re extremely good at, for free, for 2-4 hours in just one day, you can ultimately inspire a new generation of youths who will not only go on to do great & mighty things with their lives but also see nation building & youth empowerment as a mandatory social responsibility.

By raising awareness & mobilizing youths in your community to help beautify the environment, you are ensuring that we all live in a clean, healthier world: a world in which our kids can play and grow in. Whether it’s removing metal scraps or litter from your area, repainting badly faded houses, cutting bushes or planting a tree…you are making a difference that actually makes a difference.

This year, in conjunction with #TeamEpower we intend to make a difference that makes a difference with people that are different. Our goal is to reach at least 100 people each in at least 20 states in Nigeria and at least 5 countries outside Nigeria: that’s 2,500 people (10x the impact of last year). And that’s where you come in.

Being acutely aware that it takes a great team to make any great dream work, we’d be highly honored and eternally grateful if you could give 1-2 hours of your life towards making the environment cleaner, healthier or finer early in the morning, then teach a skill you’re extremely good at- it could be speaking, writing, soap making, catering, how to dress well/make up –whatever skill you can teach in 2-4 hours that can help someone in your local community. The best part is you do it for free! You also get to choose any convenient date between the 6th & 27th of September.

Not only will you be inspiring, mentoring & helping someone find his foot in business & life, you would also be meeting potential clients & future business partners. Plus, get ready to receive an avalanche of hearty referrals and recommendations from such folks!

And if you blog, work in a media house –be it tv, radio or online- pls holla at me so we can partner, generate publicity, get more folks involved & touch more lives with #ProjectGiveBack

Together, we can take our environment from messy to classy, from harmful to beautiful.
Together, we can eradicate extreme poverty by not just giving fish to people [via cash donations] but showing them how to fish via skills acquisition.
Together, we can touch lives, change people’s stories, make history.

IF you’re up for #projectGiveBack, ping me on 7E1264A3 or whatsapp/ring me on 08037285780 or mail me on yesboss2080@gmail.com

Date: 6th – 27th September 2014
Venue: Your local community
Time:7-9am | environmental sustainability project
11-3pm | Free skill acquisition

In the end, we will be remembered either for the problems we helped to create or the ones we helped to solve. Let’s transform lives together: This is my birthday request.

Ogunbowale Olugbenga [Initiator]