It’s one year already.
I will refuse to comment on several unfortunate comments Jonathanians have made in defense of Jonathan as regards the Immigration recruitment tragedy, after all, everyone is entitled to an opinion no matter how wicked it may seem.

However, I’m willing to dissect the Nigerian tragedy from 3 angles

Imagine the hurts, the pains, the anguish and the anger that constantly flow through the veins of the families of those who lost loved ones. 15 families and hundreds of relatives directly impacted. After promising some form of compensation, it took GEJ 364 days to act
That’s enough time for some parents to not only develop high blood pressure but actually die
Remember how some of the parents of the Chibok girls died….
It doesn’t take days for GEJ to share money before during and after rallies but it takes an entire year for him to respond to a national tragedy.
When you’re looking for an emotionally insensitive and wicked president, look no further than Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

The president who tried to use the unfortunate death of youths to win elections by fulfilling a promise He made one year ago two weeks to the election

it stands logic on its head, to ask graduates to write a recruitment exam in a stadium. Were they there to see a football match?

How would you ensure transparency, strict invigilation when you have thousands of fans (not applicants) and very shallow logistics in place?

” The 2014 Nigeria Immigration Recruitment Tragedy occurred on Saturday March 15, 2014, when 6.5 million people[1] in all 37 states of Nigeria (including the FCT) stormed various recruitment centers in the country for the 4000 vacant positions in the Nigeria Immigration Service. At least 16 job seekers were confirmed dead, and several scores of people were injured. The major causes of death was due to overcrowding, stampede, exhaustion, and impatience of the applicants”
Quoting Wikipedia

What is the logic behind allowing 6.5million people write a test when you knew you only needed 4,000 people?

Look at that gap…

OK, each person paid N1,000
Meaning the govt realised 6.5 billion

Did you hear me? 6.5 BILLION
The funds were not returned. Instead
5 million was given to 15 families…. A total of 75 million

6.5 billion – 75 million

That’s 6.425 billion naira
Where is the Money?

What is the logic behind contracting a govt recruitment scheme to a private contractor? Why are government workers paid?

Has the government suddenly become incapable of doing anything right?

Sometimes, there are more questions than answers

If anyone tries to defend Jonathan and Abba for dancing on the Graves of the dead, for profiting from poverty stricken, jobless, helpless youths seeking for a means of livelihood
Do not argue with them

Shake your head, leave them and feel sorry for them

They have forgotten that He who feels unconcerned when his neighbor shouts death should not be surprised when death comes knocking on his own door

THREE: ETHICAL higgledy-piggledy
It is unethical for Abba Moro, Minister for interior to organize such a terrible jamboree in the name of recruitment

It is unethical for Abba Moro to not resign voluntarily or not be fired by Jonathan for the unfortunate, highly disgraceful role He played

The only logical explanation for why He wasn’t fired is this: Goodluck most assuredly knew of the plan, gave the green light and couldn’t fire him when it back fired. They were caught in the act, and are both guilty as charged

It is unethical to not fulfill your promise to the victims days or few weeks after the tragedy

It is unethical to have such a president preside over the affairs of this nation for another four years

Especially considering his spectacular failures in containing Boko Haram, theft of oil, corruption, unemployment… Just to mention a few

Ladies and gentlemen, the youths that died in that unfortunate Immigration recruitment exercise are a constant reminder of just how low our president values lives and how wicked and insensitive He is to our needs as youths of this nation

On the 28th of march, get armed with your PVC, go out to vote, and vote out one of the worst presidents Nigeria has ever known.