As a sense of social responsibility, we call on the leadership of the National Assembly to resolve the issue of “missing budget” with all sense of patriotism, responsibility and accountability to the good people of Nigeria who elected them. Every delay in the process of the budget’s passage is a delay on the betterment of Nigerians social welfare particularly the one of the masses.


However, we must bring to the attention of all and sundry the need to be patriotic and take conscious preservation of our National dignity as utmost. It is a sabotage, a sheer distraction and indecent to record, report and share on media this kind of display of shame. It affects our pride as a nation and worst of it all, passes a wrong message to the younger generation.


We pray that the leadership of the National Assembly  should not disappoint us for the vibrant trust we reposed in them. We as youths  will continue to watch their activities to learn from, but shall continue to remain loyal to our dear Nation. While we are not interested in the inner happenings we just want our nation to move forward based on the promise of the National Assembly of a speedy passage of the budget with due diligence and sense of duty.


Consequently, upon the inevitable eventual passage of the budget at a good time soon, we implore all and sundry to watch with keener interest on how it’s implementation runs. It is our civic role as a part of this country’s social system to do this and not sit back and lament particularly we young people.



Hafiz Oladejo

President, SCOYAN




The Socio-Community Youth Association of Nigeria – SCOYAN, is a synergy of diverse social youth organizations which is youth driven and youth centered created to improve social youth organizations’ activities, prepare youth for leadership development, civic engagement through service and alleviate poverty in Nigeria through sustainable education programs, re orientation and patriotism with a mission to improve youth conditions in Nigeria in all geo-political zones in the country.