Nigeria is commonly referred to as Africas biggest economy and as the giant of Africa but harsh realities on ground seem to suggest otherwise. With over 70% of youths unemployed and wide spread poverty, today, 4 distinguished experts will dissect the topic NIGERIA IS RICH, NIGERIANS ARE POOR: WHY? They are set to embark on a fantastic quest to engage, enlighten and most importantly, inspire Nigerias youth. Welcome to THE PANEL.

Lets meet our panelists:


Alhaji M. Oladepo Akintunde, the CEO of Castrol Water, is a product of the prestigious UNILAG, a Chartered Accountant, an Administrator and a Political Enthusiast. His brilliant thinking and exceptional leadership propelled him to the very top as a bank Manager at Wema Bank Plc.


Boboye Adeyemi is an excellent digital strategist, a great writer and a fast-growing blogger. He is the brain behind YEMICOOL, an ICT company and the Author of the book LETTER TO MARTHA’. He blogs at


Adegbola Adeshayo is an entrepreneur, an ardent Researcher and a young Accountant. Since his meritorious industrial attachment at NTA years ago till today, his passion is still strong, creating employment opportunities in his generation and the next.


Zacchaeus O. Ezekiel
Zacchaeus O. Ezekiel is the CEO of The Rehoboth Tutorial, a Visionary Political Scientist who is always committed to serve and show love to Nigerians, by not only making life easy for them, but also bearable and comfortable at all time of his living.

Many get confused when economists reel out figures about how fat Nigeria’s GDP is in africa. Why the paradox to see Nigerians very poor? Is this Nigeria even a poor country of rich men or a rich country of poor men?
There are so many things attached to this.               
First, it’s a confrontational truth that we majorly have political dealers, not political leaders in the country. Politics is now being seen as a fast business that politicians go to banks to get loan to contest, only to become billionaires overnight. They hire political thugs not to only disturb the peace and security of the helpless society, but to also steal the ballot boxes, manipulate elections, making the votes of millions of masses not to count. Are these political leaders or political dealers?!                   
Let’s also take a look at the long queue of the unemployed in the country which is always massively increasing every quarter of a single year.
Dear friend, if at all you really want to succeed in life, you need to develop an unshakable self-confidence and sense of responsibility. Stamp it in your mind now that what you earn largely depends on the quality of your thoughts, your offer, and being an excellent problem-solver. Don’t vote for any politician because of a days meal.

As methodical thinker and strategist, it is not confusing at to me that the country is poor in the midst of plenty due to mismanagement. Do you know how much Nigeria could get from cocoa too if it had not condemned it? Even this so called oil it claims to be focusing on is being rubbished. It is all It is what we all know and see!                           
Permit me to say that even a blind man from the highest order can clearly see the mountainous height of corruption in this country. Check the rank of Nigeria in corruption in the World, it’s topping the list! How can the blessings show with this?               
The poor implementation of policies affect us too. Where is the so called Vission 20:2020 now? It’s only appearing in paper. Really bad!            
All these are the real major reasons of the abject poverty in the blessed country, Nigeria.

No matter how huge or great a fund might be, if mismanaged, I bet it with you, it can NEVER show.
So it is that a country’s progress is not really measured by its earnings, but by its management. Do you even know that Lagos state is richer than some countries put together? Look at Togo, it is a very small and resource poor country, but in reality, they are doing fine. What is the difference? MANAGEMENT!             
Very recently, David Cameron of UK branded Nigeria as Fantastically Corrupt’. It is an actual fact that the Level of Corruption in a country is directly proportional to the Level of Poverty in the Country. Check out Afghanistan, Pakistan et al.
Do you know how unstable we are politically? A party attaining a political post will not bother to maintain the good works of the previous government, because the good works are coming from an opponent. No stability in Policies and Politics!         
All these are the factors that have been deeply eating the our GDP(Gross Domestic Product), turning it to GDP(Great Domestic Poverty)!

Zacchaeus O. Ezekiel ON THE TOPIC
This topic is not surprising, as the major problem we have in this country boils down to Leadership Problem and Corruption.                        It is so sad and disheartening that our leaders are corrupt, in fact they are the seed of corruption in this country.

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and remember, you are the future of Africa, make your life count.