Nigeria is full of certificated, uneducated graduates, roaming the streets without a compass for their lives. This is why I absolutely oppose the motion that education guarantees success in life.


AY: Imagine a world without schools and colleges! Impossible, right? No matter how much we hate waking up early for school or studying all night for exams, we all know that an educated person gets better opportunities in life, including comedians.


BASKETMOUTH is about to take on AY in an epic celebrity debate of gargantuan proportions. Is formal education a guarantee of success in life? It’s time to find out what our celebs think and your turn to lend a voice to this debate.

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MOTION: Formal education guarantees success in life








Maimonides, a Spanish Philosopher once said, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Good day officiators, fellow co-debater and my distinguished audience, I am AY, here to powerfully propose the motion, Formal education Guarantees success in life


Now, why is formal education a guarantee of success in life? Here are my reasons:



Formal education helps us make Money

An educated person has more chances of landing up a good high paying job. It may be called as the “root of all evil” but most people will agree that money is important for survival in today’s world. The more educated you are, the better career options you have!

Imagine a world without schools and colleges! Impossible, right? No matter how much we hate waking up early for school or studying all night for exams, we all know that education is very important. Even my opponents will agree that an educated person gets better opportunities in life. It is easier for him to become successful and realize his dreams as compared to someone who is uneducated. And that’s financial success




Formal education help turns our dreams into reality

What is your dream, your aim in life? Do you want to become rich? Do you want to be popular? Do you want to be an extremely successful person who is respected by people? Well, the key to all this is education. Good teachers supplying quality education is what helps you realize all your dreams. And that’s intellectual success



Formal education us a happy and stable life

If you want to lead a happy life and enjoy the good things the world has to offer, you certainly need to get educated. A great job, a good social reputation are few of the many benefits of being an educated person. Education is a must for a promising and secure future and a stable life. And that’s psychological success



Formal education drives the economic growth of the nation

Australia, USA and Japan are few countries with very high literacy rates. These countries are extremely prosperous and the citizens have a high per capita income. On the other hand, in underdeveloped and developing nations, where literacy rate is not as high, a number of people are still living below the poverty line. Education is vital for the economic prosperity of a nation and teachers are the drivers of education.

According to a 2015 report by the United Nations, unless educations and teachers are taken seriously, the proposed Millennium Development goals cannot be achieved. This is because such change cannot happen without education.

The Richest countries don’t even grow food, they import most of the raw food, and export the finished products to us, For instance Ivory Coast is the largest exporter of cocoa but the best chocolates are made abroad. Why? Because they have more teachers in quality & quantity leading to smarter, more educated people. On the contrary, countries with the highest number of farmers rank among the poorest in the world. And that’s international success.








What happens in the class room doesn’t always translate into the real world. Nigeria is full of certificated, uneducated graduates, roaming the streets without a compass for their lives. This is why I absolutely oppose the motion that education guarantees success in life. Here are my reasons:



For example, Bill Gates, the wealthiest person on earth and founder of Microsoft. He dropped out of Harvard University in his freshman year. In fact, his phenomenal knowledge of computers was not acquired in the structured environment of the classroom. This proves that education did not aid heavily in his success in life. It was due to his interest, passion and drive that brought him to where he is today and this brings me to my next point.



A classic example would be Albert Einstein whom we all agree is the greatest scientist ever to walk the plains of the earth. Albert Einstein is the epitome of the unquenchable thirst for knowledge even at a very young age. He had the desire, interest, passion and drive to understand how things work and he stood out from the rest because he dared to question! This once again proves the point that education alone does not guarantee success in one’s life.



Education may get you to high places but it may not guarantee that you can stay on and even if you do, you might not be happy. In today’s globalized and dog-eat-dog world, it is the survival of the fittest. Therefore, one cannot just rely on education but also on essential life skills which can only be picked up through relevant life experiences. One does not learn skills like these in the confines of the classroom.



Only persons with education and skills can succeed in life. Education alone cannot guarantee success in life. It must be followed up with skills. Education is knowledge while skill is application. You can acquire knowledge by being an apprentice to someone, you don’t have to be in a classroom like this one. But, if all you have is education and no skills in today’s economy, then the future is as bleak as the dark sky.





Wow, it’s been a very exciting and insightful time out here with our favorite celebs. Now, it’s time for their rebuttals and closing statements. This time, we’ll start with BASKETMOUTH.



No, hard work is critical. No, education does not guarantee success in life, because hard work and work ethic is far more important than formal education.

Many of America’s greatest success stories have little education. It is more important that a person learn how to work, and learn how to learn while they are working, than they have a formal education. Thomas Edision, the inventor of the light bulb did not go to school, instead, he was a VERY HARD WORKING Apprentice, and today, He is regarded as the worlds greatest inventor.

Show me a man who is successful, and I will show you a man who learnt not from Harvard University but from the University of Life. Thank you.



From Nelson Mandela to Barrack Obama, and from Isaac Newton to Alexander the great, politicians, military generals and scientists hold a special place in the history of the world. All of these people were taught by teachers. People rarely remember the farmer neither does any farmer come to mind when the greatest people are being mentioned

Permit me to wrap things up here for the sake of time with the words of another wise philosopher who once said, “take away formal education from any society, and you are left with beasts and not men”, thank you.



Incredible! Not only do our celebs know how to make us laugh, they are obviously intelligent and absolutely informed. Thank you both for taking time out to share your views. The entire SHOWDOWN crew is very grateful.

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