Longe Victor, CEO VEEktor Leather Works transforms leather into dazzling works of art. A 400l accounting student of Ekiti state University, not only is He skilled in the acts of leather works, He has taken it upon himself to groom the next generation of Entrepreneurs.
Victor runs a school where he trains young people to become crafty and enterprising. He hails from osun state and currently lives in Lagos.
Tighten your seat belt for an exclusive interview with this fine young entrepreneur.

What inspired you to launch into the business world?
Easy. I never wanted to work under anybody because of the challenges i had when i was working for an organization. I love the freedom that comes with being my own boss.

What was your startup capital?
Let me not mention it. Really, I started with a very little amount of money, then it increased gradually.

Do you have a team you work with?
Yes i do.

Are you in a relationship? And what should an entrepreneur look out for in a partner?
I am in a relationship but it is complicated. We all want different things so what you’re looking for might actually be what I’m running from. Generally, your partner should not be suffering from the PhD syndrome (that’s pull him down, by the way) and He or She should be willing to help you grow.

Who is your mentor and why is mentoring important?
My Dad is my mentor and mentoring is important because a mentor guides you with profound knowledge about your field. I have so much to learn from him because He is  more experienced than me.

What has been your most challenging job so far?
Building of the safety boot. But I am getting over it.

You organize trainings for people on how to make hand made merchandise. Is this your competitive advantage or are you simply passionate about providing jobs for Nigerians??
Yes, it is my passion because training youths helps reduce the rate of unemployment.

Where do you see Your Company in the next 5 years?
VEEktor Leather Works will be one of the biggest fashion brands in Nigeria and we will continue to groom exceptional entrepreneurs who will establish employment generating businesses.

Any final words for upcoming entrepreneurs out there?
Put God first, stay focused never let anybody distract you. Keep going till you reach your dreams because tough times never last, tough people do.