Is unemployment the biggest problem facing Nigerian youths?

In a Nation with over 35 million unemployed youths, entrenched corruption and a frail economy, Nigeria’s youth are desperately in search of jobs. This jobs gap puts millions of youths at risk of frustration, low self-esteem and poverty leading to crimes like drug trafficking, oil-bunkering and terrorism. To investigate the root cause of unemployment, 4 distinguished panelists will weigh in on the topic and proffer smart solutions. Let’s go!






Merriam Webster dictionary defines unemployment as the state of being unemployed or out of work. Sadly, this is the state of many Nigerian youths today. According to Economists, unemployment rate is the number of people actively looking for job and the federal bureau of statistics claims about 9 million Nigerians are unemployed. The reasons are not far-fetched.

A country of nearly two hundred million depends only on oil which cannot employ one quarter of her youth. The same country has very poor power which could have attracted investors, the same country is blessed with leaders who assume power only to embezzle funds and the same country has a lot of natural resources left untapped.

It’s only reasonable to conclude that such a country can never be economically stable not to talk of tackling unemployment. Unfortunately, that country is Nigeria and if the issue of unemployment is to be dealt with, a lot of things have to be put in place.

Firstly the economy must be diversified and Nigeria is a country blessed by nature to have fertile lands which are not being maximized. Going back in history, Nigeria used to be a massive producer of cocoa and groundnut which is no longer the trend now and the government is not doing much to change things. The Agricultural sector alone, if reinforced, can employ more than half of the unemployed youths in Nigeria. Secondly the key to fast industrial growth which is stable power supply is not being explored. If power can be made stable, investors in the industrial sector will find their base in Nigeria which will provide enough employment opportunities. In addition, a move towards tapping the unused natural resources like coal is a move towards solution to unemployment and lastly if elected leaders will go to offices to represent the people and not to enrich their pockets, after that, unemployment will then become something of past.



Abayomi Oluwasegun is a Visionary Leader, an Administrator and an affiliate Marketer. He is into the business of impacting lives.





Nigeria, the biggest black nation in the world is being consumed by ever increasing unemployment rate due to some reasons.

First, the irregular power supply contributes drastically to this unemployment. It makes many foreign companies that ought to invest in the country look elsewhere. The same problem has affected many local companies which could not cope with the high cost of running plants/generators all the time, thus forced to fold up and throw employees into the labour market. If Power supply problem is solved in the country, unemployment will drastically reduce.

It is not news anymore that the quality of education in Nigeria is poor. This is why a lot of graduates are half-baked, unable to contribute effectively to the society.

Nigeria, as a Nation is also negligent to Agriculture and other natural resources. It is hereby recommended that governments and individuals should concentrate on other resources in order to boost the economy and provide employment opportunities in the country. If all these are first resolved, then unemployment will very soon become history.



Elijah Ezekiel is an International businessman who exports cocoa outside the country. He is a problem solver that brings emotional healing to youths, teenagers and children. He is the founder of Comfort House Foundation.





I know you’re used to hearing that there are no jobs. The fact is that 23.9% of Nigeria’s entire population (a staggering 40.6 million Nigerians) are unemployed, but the fact is not necessarily the truth.

Here is the average Nigerian graduate: He can’t write a simple letter, He can’t use Microsoft word, but He can abuse people on facebook. Now, how do you expect anyone or any organization to take such a person seriously?

The biggest problem facing Nigerian youths today is not unemployment, it is unemployability. There are too many youths with too little skills. Some graduates can’t even speak good English and some that can speak can’t do anything else. In this digital era, access to information is limitless. As long as you have the internet, you have no excuse. What you need is to become branded.

Being a brand is knowing who you are, knowing your unique strengths and honing them continuously. Being a brand is making a difference wherever you are, it is being easy to identify, yet hard to replace.

When you’re branded, you can never be stranded because you will be so demanded, companies will fight each other to give you the exact career you needed.



Ogunbowale Olugbenga is a vast ICT-trainer, brand strategist & nation builder passionate about helping unemployed youths get high-paying jobs.

In July 2015, He won the NYSC merit award. In March, He emerged as the Orator of the year. In November 2014, He won the PIN digital-jobs contest. He is a fellow of DESPLAY Africa and a fellow of the League of Extraordinary Young people.




Unemployment is an economic condition which occurs when individuals actively seeking jobs remain un-hired. It happens when someone of working age is not able to get a good job or work. Unemployment in Nigeria, however, continues to eat deep into the economy.

Unemployment has 3 root causes. The first is corruption. Corruption by itself is capable of causing many economic problems, one of which is Unemployment. In Nigeria, it has been a usual practice that funds meant for public projects are diverted for personal use. Misappropriation of funds have been the order of the day. If these funds are channeled for developmental projects, the youths too will be engaged, small-scale businesses will spring up and the developmental projects will aid increase in productivity. But instead, these funds are massively stashed abroad.

Again, unstable or epileptic power supply contributes to unemployment. E.g Some textile companies are forced to go countries like Ghana, due to unbearable power supply, throwing all their employees to the labour market. Is unemployment not increasing? Of course it is. This is also applicable to most companies in the country.

Another cause is the underutilization in Agricultural sector. Before oil was discovered, can we remember the massive gains gotten from cocoa, rubber, groundnuts and others? All these are put aside only to rely on oil. This abandonment drastically contributes to unemployment in Nigeria, when we could even use the latest technology to boost productivity in the agricultural sector (mechanized farming).

What are the possible solutions? Good roads, excellent power supply and other basic infrastructures should be functionally developed. Agricultural resources and other natural resources should be well utilized. And if these are done, unemployment will surely come to an end.



Bolumade Lateef is a religious Leader. He was the formal Laboratory Chemist of Purechem Manufacturing Ltd. He also worked as the Quality Control Analyst at Euro Global Food and Distilleries. He is presently a Quality Assurance expert at Emzor Pharmaceuticals.

Published by Ogunbowale Olugbenga

Ogunbowale Olugbenga is a multiple award winning social entrepreneur & digital skills expert. An alumnus of the Leadership in Business Institute of Kellogg School of Management (USA), He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria). Inspired by the plight of millions of unemployed youths, Olugbenga founded, a digital agency passionately growing businesses & accelerating the application of digital skills for economic prosperity across Africa. To help institutions prevent scandals & promote performance, Gbenga founded Polivoice.Work, an anonymous employee feedback tool that captures & analyses feedback anonymously in real time to detect, predict & improve work place conditions. A Mandela Washington Fellow, Tony Elumelu Fellow, Royal Common wealth society fellow, YALI star of business & YALI network influencer, Olugbenga is the founder of Africa’s biggest orphanage outreach, The Orphan Empowerment Society, with a 5,000 strong volunteer force and a presence in 19 African countries empowering thousands of orphans with free vocational skills, medical care, & food. He is also the co-founder of the communication & leadership organization, Pacesetters Leadership Club.

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