From raising $1m to getting mentioned by Mark Zuckerberg, Opeyemi Awoyemi of Jobberman bares it all (Exclusive interview)

Opeyemi Awoyemi has done it all.

From thinking up a crazy idea in his tiny dorm room and co-founding Nigeria’s biggest job site to getting mentioned by VP Osinbajo and Mark Zuckerberg, we bring you the inside story of the origin of Jobberman straight from the mouth of one of her 3 co-founders.



How old are you?



Which university did you graduate from?

Obafemi Awolowo University


When was Jobberman founded?



What was the inspiration behind Jobberman.

We were solving a problem that we had and was common to our environment. Personally, I found it difficult to get an internship while in school. We also saw validation in how Naukri was impacting lives in India.


How did you find your co-founders??


I had worked with Deji on a couple of projects and Lekan was a coursemate. We weren’t all close friends but we could recognize the strength that each person brought to the table.


Was owning a company a dream idea from when you were little?

No. However, making real huge impact was.


In spite of many platforms offering Job Search, how is Jobberman different?

Easy job search than anywhere else. Largest platform with jobs posted directly by the employer.


Was it your love for technology or love to help graduates that drove the creation of Jobberman?

Love for tech and the excitement in using tech to provide a real solution was it.


As a child to the registrar of a Federal Nigerian University, did that help you in the creation of Jobberman?

No, that happened long after Jobberman had become a household name in Nigeria.


What were the defining moments for you when you started Jobberman?

Starting, getting to top 50 most visited sites in Nigeria, raising first round of $1m, getting to 1m professionals, partnering with MTN, The Guardian, BusinessDay, getting mentioned by VP Osinbajo and Mark Zuckerberg.


The problem with many startups in Nigeria is the lack of Capital, how were you able to attract investors?

I believe in building first to attract money. That’s what we did, we focused on building a fast growing brand and that attracted investors to us.


The building of Jobberman started in your university days. How were you able to balance it with academics?

That’s easy. Students generally have a lot of time which they spend playing, gisting, visiting, watching videos and games. You sacrifice and prioritize always. Spend some, choose what to do, delay, or drop.


Was there any special skill you had or had to learn in order to build Jobberman?

I had the skills to put the software together initially. However, there were soft skills that I credit to the foundational days of Jobberman. People management. Data-driven decision making. Analytics/Modelling. Better Presentation skills. PR.


What were your major obstacles during the initial years of Jobberman?

Convincing companies to take us seriously was tough initially. Pricing appropriately for a market like Nigeria was also a big issue.


Any words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

Don’t mortgage your dream. Think big about how you really want to change/impact your world. Life and entrepreneurship is better enjoyed when there is a purpose to why you do what you do and not just for the money.


Wow. What a cracker!

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