Millionaire at 24: How Omojola Odusanya turned a silly hobby into a serious business

Wrapping gifts probably sounds like one of the silliest business ideas of all time but not to Omojola Odusanya. Meet our 24 year old icon who not only built a fast rising gift wrapping company from scratch into a million naira brand but did it without any external funding, all within 2 years.


How old are you?



What are you passionate about?

I studied marketing in school and so I have strong marketing and sales skills. I also play a couple of sports such as table tennis, basketball etc


Which university did you graduate from?

Covenant University


When was Yuppa Gifts founded?

2014, But I started in a small way.


Can you tell us about Yuppa Gifts and what inspired you to begin?

Firstly, Yuppa Gifts means “yes we can deliver. Yuppa Gifts provides a range of unique and personalized gifts for any occasion. We care a lot about leaving a memorable experience in the hearts and minds of our clients. Yuppa Gifts started off from just wrapping gifts for my friends and family and then one day I told myself; you can make money out of it. That’s basically how I started. I always want to put a smile on the faces of people …and I felt through my gift wrapping I can create the exact feeling of the giver (loved one) even when the person is away.


How did you raise capital for Yuppa Gifts?

I started off with my savings and then as time went on, I pumped back my profit.


How is Yuppa Gifts different from competitors like ‘Sure Gifts’?

Yuppa Gift is different from sure gift. We believe that everyone wants to be cared for and so our clients have a one on one session with a gift solutions professional with regards to any gift item.


Was there any special skill you had or had to learn in order to build Yuppa Gifts?

I knew how to wrap but then I took online classes to help improve my skills and to also widen my imagination and trust me, it worked.


How much is Yuppa Gifts currently worth?

About 1 million naira.


What were your major obstacles during the embryonic stage of Yuppa Gifts?

Transportation/delivery of the items was the major challenge. But we finally got our out dispatch and that settled it.


How do you strike balance between Yuppa Gifts and other areas of your life?

The act of gift wrapping is my hobby. I will go the extra mile and also sacrifice to get my work done. I still have a 9 to 4 and so I have a staff who gets all the gift items from our vendors. I am currently training her to wrap to standard even when I am not around, so for orders I can’t wrap she does it.


Was owning a business a dream idea?

Yes oh! I always knew that a 9am-5pm job was never my thing. I knew I was going to do something but I didn’t know what business. I thank God every day for opening my eyes on time.


Any words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

Just start. For every idea you think of establishing, no matter how small, just start. You never can tell how and when you will blow!

Published by Ogunbowale Olugbenga

CEO at Epower, Curator at PROJECT X, Trailblazer, Multiple award winner.

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