This week on THE PANEL, 3 distinguished panelists go head to head on a matter of the heart: Is romance without finance a nuisance?


Elijah Ezekiel

Elijah Ezekiel

Money is good and money is a good servant; as it answers all things. However, money is not everything, true love thrives whether money is available or not.

If romance is built on money, and perhaps, the guy loses his job, then the romance will turn to nuisance, but then there are some couples that are not financially buoyant but still enjoy deep romance. At the end of it all, it’s about the persons involved.



Elijah Ezekiel is the Coordinator at Comfort Homes. An advocate on teenagers and child abuse, He is a Team member at Stories that touch (Project X) and is passionate about inspiring youths.


Ajibade Jedidah

Ajibade Jedidah

From my own point of view, this topic is focused on people who marry for money, especially ladies. It’s not a nuisance considering who you are in romance with. It’s unwise to consider wealth first before engaging in a relationship because there are some times when things will cease to go on smoothly, when such situation happens, it will be hard to cope since the major reason you were in was because of the wealth. It is advisable to overlook the present condition (no money, maybe) and go with someone that has a tangible future plan and focus.

Finance sometimes cause argument in romance so it’s better if there’s feeling which will be put in consideration in case of family crisis.

Invariably, it may be a nuisance and it may not, it depends on who you are in it with!



Ajibade Jelilah is an HND holder in purchasing and supply. A mother and a teacher who is passionate about kids and very keen on imparting knowledge.
EGBUOKPORO Godfrey Amanze 

In my own opinion ..   yes!

Love is the only thing that can stand without finance.

Romance is just a love affair. And love affair are things that expresses your feelings. Like buying that girl a Lamborghini on her birthday. Or organizing a vacation to the Bahamas.

Or more cheaper…. taking her on a date to KFC. . Sir,do you know how much a pie of chicken cost. Or you guys decided to go to mama ADA restaurant to save cost….for heaven’s sake, a bag of rice costs 22k.

This things are huge figures.   … It will be a disaster if both parties are not financially bouyant. I rest my case sir

CEO at Mazi graphics, team leader at Iconoclast (PROJECT X).