​Business lessons from Shegzy Kool: the fashion designer who styles movie stars

So we had the opportunity to interview Segun Ijiwande popularly known as Shegzy Kool, he is a designer and the CEO of Shegzy Kool Aesthetic; ShegzyKool Aesthetic  houses a classic range of fresh and innovative designs which includes Corporate Suits, Jeans, Native Wears, Linen Suits and Clothing, Funky Blazers, Customized T-Shirts and a myriad of other styles. He talks about himself and his designs. The interview was made possible by his PR Ocheme Emmanuel.

What inspired the name Shegzy kool?

The brand “Shegzykool” was coined from both my nature and name. ‘Shegzy’ from my name, Oluwasegun; and ‘kool’ from my nature as a cool and quiet person.
At what point in your life did you decide to take up this career and when did you really start designing?

I realized I was going to be a fashion designer right after my secondary school. I was into modeling and I design my clothes for castings. Since people usually fall in love with my designs, I started designing for them as well, and that was it.
How did your family react to your decision to become a fashion designer?

Well, it was a positive response from everyone in my family; my parents are fashionable people. They saw my passion for fashion, and as a son of a retired fashion designer, they knew I have a better knowledge for fashion and styles.
You studied English as a discipline in school and now practice fashion designing, where do the two merge?

English Language is what we use in our mundane transactions. In as much as I don’t have to speak so much grammar before delivering. Being a degree holder is also an edge as a designer. It gives me room and open better doors to work for the elites both home and abroad.

How has your study of English language influenced your designs?

Yes, my course of study has influenced my designs. I did a particular course which relates to the “culture of all languages”, it identifies the mode of dressing and designs worn to events. It also gives me more knowledge to train and lead my staff and students. My discipline has also helped in liaising and explaining things better to my clients.
What are the major challenges you face as a contemporary Nigerian designer?

Electricity is a major challenge in Nigeria as a whole. Most times, we’ve got to run generators to work so as to meet delivery dates.
Currently we have designers who mostly use African fabrics, how versatile is your usage of different types of fabric?

Your fabrics determine the designs to settle for. Being a Creative director, my knowledge for fabrics has been broadened on the usage of designs they could go for. As long as the quality of a fabric is good and sophisticated, inspiration for designs comes.
What is your muse for your creations?

My muse for creations comes from fashion trend in vogue at a particular time, richness in Nigerian culture, and the society at large.
Is your designing everything you dreamed it would be?

Well, it is yet to be ‘everything’ I dreamt and envisioned. Still working out a whole lot of things.
As a Designer what is the peak of your career you envision yourself in?

There’s no height for which I’m limited to. I’ve come to know that “you start dying when you stop learning”. So I’m taking my career to the peak of it all.
Apart from designing what else are you involved in?

Wardrobe Management, Modeling Management, Image Consulting and Costume Management.
If it wasn’t designing, what else would you be doing?

If not designing, I consult generally for fashion and trendy styles, especially for artistes as per the best costumes for a photo/video shoot.
How do you unwind after a long day?

After a long day usually, I find my way to my house, have a cool shower, a good meal and sink into the bed for more inspiration before dozing off. I hang out with a couple of friends once in a while though.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself ten times better than what I am today.
What advice would you give upcoming creative artists in the same field as you?

Genuineness, Integrity and Humility are the major keys to stay successful on the job.

Amidst all competition, stay strong and creative, and meet deadlines as much as you can.
For orders and enquiries:

Office Address: Shop1, Lucky Star’s House, Ajaxbel hotel – Ogombo Street, off Abraham Adesanya Estate, Ajah, Lagos.

Phone: +234 805 608 1166, +234 702 989 5388, +234 703 011 3602

Bb Pin: 24E74395

Email: info@shegzykool.com

Website: http://www.shegzykool.com

Twitter: @shegzy_kool

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