For the first time in a long time, both die-hard fans of former President Goodluck Jonathan and staunch fans of current President Buhari who voted him into power barely one year ago seem to be on the same page. With inflation at a record high, policy somersault and an exchange rate that has crippled businesses, Nigerians are beginning to ask themselves: is this the change we voted for?




I sincerely don’t attribute the state of the economy to Buhari’s administration. The economy has been receding before his administration. It is almost impossible to put a mismanagement of about two decades right in just a year. The only problem with the CHANGE theme is the failure to communicate. We, the masses, are not in the know. Normally, we don’t expect him to perform magic and we know he’ll do better but he has to communicate. They are working but not carrying people along.

Another problem is, he doesn’t have a good PR person. A good PR person is supposed to project the image of government. Talking about Femi Adesina, he’s not doing a great job. He’s harsh and not addressing properly. Basically, Buhari’s government will deliver. I hope so, but some changes have to be made.



Mopelola Ajao is a Masters’ student in the department of Communication and Language Arts at the University of Ibadan. She’s the CEO of Mopsyn Makeover, kitchen & accessories.





An understanding of a concern is the best way deal with it. I didn’t have chance to vote, I wish I did. The value of our currency converted to another is at its lowest, which means foreign currency is currently very costly. Then what are the factors that influence this exchange rate; inflation rate; interest rate; country’s current account; government debts; terms of trade; political stability and performance; recession and speculation.

State of affairs in government, its currently in technical recession. Slow down caused by slow increase in health, transport and culture.

NBS through Adeyemi Dipeolu says there is growth in agriculture and solid mineral sector is government’s priority. Agriculture grew by 4.55% from 3.09%. Coal mining, quarrying and other minerals has recorded 2.5% growth.

My proposed recommendation is this: the government should prioritize development and efficiency in tourism, manufacturing and technology. Involve the public through think tanks and have a follow up system. Engage the unemployed labour force, both skilled and unskilled. Draft a new constitution that will among other things reduce executive authority by leadership on public funds.



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Oyerinde Zaynab


Actually, I didn’t vote. Not because I didn’t want to but due to some irregularities during registration for Voter’s Card. The change we were expecting is not what we are seeing. The supposed ‘eradication of corruption’ is affecting the masses. The high exchange rate has affected everything even ordinary toothpaste in tube is just air and not paste! All in all, people are suffering and all we want now is POSITIVE CHANGE!



Zaynab is a graduate of Business Education from Emmanuel Alayande College of Education. Currently the Secretary at Bubbles entertainment, She is passionate about making kids happy.