​Top 5 FASHION TRENDS in 2016

Fashion is part of our everyday life and it goes and comes in cycles. So, new trends are bound to pop up and evolve. Some styles stay in vogue for a really long time before fizzling out while others stay around for just a little while. For example, Damask’s that reigned in the 90’s resurfaced some years back. How about natural hair? Fashion generally is just being recycled.
That said, 2016 has evolved with great styles. Today we bring you 5 fashion trends in year 2016.

Pleated Gele

The latest in the gele tying trend is the infinity pleats gene. Its so beautiful and it’s attention grabbing. 

We all know that  owambe outfit is not complete without a well tied gele. Now imagine putting on top of your classic aso oke, this well rounded, compass looking, neatly pleated gele. Although this gele may take up to 6 yards to make a full one, it definitely brings out another beautiful side of your aso oke.

Off Shoulder

The off-shoulder clothings have been around for a really long time and have refused to go out of trend. They are still very much in trend for 2016 and might be here all through the year because a lot of ladies seem not to have gotten enough of them. They range from off-shoulder crop tops and the off-shoulder dresses.

High low skirts/dresses

High-Low trend, especially in a high-waist, full, spin-out skirt are such fun. They are easy to wear and feminine. You can show off your legs and Shoes without showing everything else. It elongates legs, and it can be classy and sexy.


Peplum tops or dresses are always classy and cute. They are characterized by a flare detail at the waistline. Peplum detailing does not always have to be extremely fluted out at the waist. They can simply be an over skirt or draping at the waistline.


For the classy and elegant woman who wants to look modest, stylish and still keep heads turning, the trendy turban is a must have. It comes in variety of colours and designs.

Most women have found themselves in  situations at one time or another in their lives where tying of the traditional headgear is stressful. Such women will find chic alternatives in today’s turbans.

Published by Ogunbowale Olugbenga

CEO at Epower, Curator at PROJECT X, Trailblazer, Multiple award winner.

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