Why do celebrity marriages end up in divorce? 

It is no longer news that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have filed for divorce (and both are former divorcees). Statistics show that 3 out of every 5 celebrities are likely to have a divorce before the first five years of marriage. But what could be responsible? 

What could have gone wrong after such elaborate wedding ceremonies with important dignitaries? 

With such beautiful ceremony, one would have thought that the marriage would be as beautiful as the occasion.

Four elements of divorce can be seen in virtually every case of divorce among celebrities, either in marriages where both are celebrities or one is and the other is not.
Busy schedules

This is the major reason why celebrity marriages end up in divorce, they have plans and schedules which does not involve their partners both within and outside their locations, they could be off their homes for months, this is worse when the wife is the celebrity and the husband is not. And the duty of taking care of the home is left in the hands of the husband or a help.
Temptation and Jealousy 

Celebrities are exposed to various kinds of temptations by the nature of their jobs, from fans, colleagues, or even managers. No one working on a normal job going to his or her office will have to kiss somebody or act a romantic scene as part of their job description, but to some celebrities this is almost their everyday onset experience, this poses a threat to marriages of celebrities as not all of them can withstand temptation and then engage in adultery and once adultery sets in, divorce is at the corner. Fans who also throw themselves at celebrities are also not helping matters as they (the celebrities) are left alone to tackle family challenges caused by the fans especially when the partner who is not a celebrity is still learning to cope with fans
Misplacement of priorities 

Every celebrity has the desire to remain famous and ”remain in the show”, and most times at the expense of their marriages. Of course there are no perfect marriages and there are no stress free jobs; but there are ways to maintain harmony, balance and passion in marriage. They find it difficult to strike a balance between their marriage and their job. A quality marriage is a product of quality time which the celebrities don’t seem to have.

This is an inordinate fascination with oneself and one’s appearance. Celebrities meet fans who tell them, ”meeting you is a dream come true”, people scream when they see them, this tends to make the individual believe He or She is better than the partner. This escalates when both are celebrities.
Poor preparation

Certain preparations are essential for the success of a marriage. Celebrities have neglected some of these things like age difference, individual backgrounds, and religion. Their choice of a partner could even be based on maintaining their posh status. 

Awulu Chenemi Joshua is a social affairs analyst and currently a 500 level student of pharmacy at the Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. 

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