​Here’s the blind couple making a killing in business

If you desire to be inspired and fired up for success in life, this Nigerian couple are a source of inspiration. 

Meet the amazing couple

Jimoh and Bridget Ogunlayi got married in 2014. 

They are both blind but surprisingly they are both very successful in business. They refused to beg on the streets to survive and also refused to be a burden to the society, rather, they took their destinies into their own hands by creating their own luck. While many able bodied Nigerians agonize about the lack of jobs, this couple organize resources to make and sell their crafts.
Born this way?

None of them was born this way. Bridget attended University of Nigeria Nsukka, where she studied computer science. Jimoh schooled at SPED Oyo and got a degree in social adaptation for people with impaired vision. He lost his sight in 1993 in an accident, and she lost hers during treatment: the grave side effect of a drug she was given sometime in 2008. 
And now?

They work with their hands and create amazing things. They use beads and wire and turn them into bags, lamps, jewelry, flower pots, baskets; you name it! They get orders from reputable institutions like the Nigerian Farm Craft Center. Needless to say, business is booming!

They love each other and enjoy their life together. The most amazing part of their story is that they do not depend on charity or pity to survive, they make their beautiful crafts with their own hands, and they thrive!
Whats your excuse?

Do you have a disability? Are you economically disadvantaged? Do you think this is the end of your life? The Ogunlayi’s are proof that your setback can be a setup for your comeback. That a nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody.

You can create something meaningful out of your life. Impossibility is nothing. In fact, impossibility means I’m possible!  Just take that bold step today.

If a blind couple can create value and earn good income, what’s your excuse? 

Get up now and get to work. 

Published by Ogunbowale Olugbenga

CEO at Epower, Curator at PROJECT X, Trailblazer, Multiple award winner.

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