10 AFRICAN PRINT STYLES that make you look breathtaking!

We all love African fabrics.

The bright colors, distinctive designs, hand-made quality and rich cultural meaning give us something truly extraordinary.


Ankara was formerly known as Dutch wax print. It was originally manufactured by the Dutch for the Indonesian textile market. But, by mistake or design, these prints garnered significantly more interest in West African than in Indonesia. Recognizing this opportunity, the Dutch decided to focus on West Africa. As such, the prints evolved to reflect African culture and lifestyle. African print was henceforth born.


This fabric acquired its current name ‘Ankara’ when the Turks made a cheaper version of the fabric. Ankara possesses the capabilities of being able to dye faster and not get stained much. Due to its virtues, this fabric was considered as a competitor of the Western ‘Adire’ cloth.


Ankara textiles were formerly regarded as the fabric of the poor. But today, the fabric has undergone a magical transformation to become a choice of the rich and famous. Fabrics which were once considered out of fashion have metamorphosed into a sizzling fad and an inevitable part of any social function.


Blended with other matching fabrics and with a good design, Ankara fabrics are the fancy of many people. The appeal of the finished product depends on the creativity, and skills of the designer. Fashion designers have sensed this trend, and are coming up with appealing designs to capture the apparel market.


Fashion gurus like Lunar, Aimas, Tiffany Amber, MoMo, Gloss, and Cranberry have breathed new life into the fabric through their experience and creativity. Available in alluring designs, Ankara graces catwalks and has won laurels.


Nigeria is a fashion savvy part of Africa and has taken the fabric, improved them, and has represented it to the world. Nigeria being a big market, offers vast potential for the manufacture and sales of Ankara.

Since it is a cotton fabric with different motifs, this fabric can be used for both office and formal occasions. A printed outfit with small motifs will make a perfect clothing. This fabric has infinite creative applications like shirts, bags, clothes, dresses etc. Styles, and designs available for this cloth are endless which makes all people; men and women, young, and the aged become glued to it.


Ladies, here are 10 glamorous designs of Ankara fabrics that you can wear:

Straight gown
Cape Coat
Simple Pencil Skirt


Flare Gown
Bell Sleeve Gown
Pinafore Style
Flared Sleeve
Peplum Gown
Pleated Gown

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