When we talk about doing what you love, Funke Bucknor is a quintessential candidate. Funke’s flagship event planning, management and consulting company was born out of her passion for planning events. Her passion for planning comes through in everything she does.


This week’s edition of Iconoclast brings you 12 facts you probably didn’t know about Funke.





Funke Bucknor-Obruthe is an event planner, wedding planner and designer, author of The Essential Bridal Handbook. Just Yesterday (Jun 29, 2016), Funke celebrated her 40th birthday in style with a Thanksgiving and cocktail soiree.




Born to Mr Segun Bucknor and Mrs Sola Bucknor, She attended Fountain Nursery and Primary school, Nigeria Navy secondary school and then proceeded to University of Lagos where she studied Law. She also went to Nigerian Law School in Abuja where she was called to bar in year 2000.




Funke practised Law very briefly before she joined TIE Communications, an advertisement and PR agency.  She set out to start Zapphaire Events after working with Tie Communication for a while.




She’s presently the MD/CEO of Zapphaire Events, a reputable event planning company. Zapphaire Events is an event consultancy, marketing, planning and management company that constantly provides excellent services for all event needs. Zapphaire Events has been in existence for 10 years. She is one of the pioneers in the event planning industry. Today, we have over 500 event planners in Nigeria.




Funke started by helping out with some of her friend’s weddings and some family functions. Hard work, dedication and her passion kept her going. She loves mentally visualizing how she wants an event to be like and seeing her thoughts being actualized, and also seeing the client happy and grateful for a job well done, makes her happy.





Her bridal handbook, ‘The Essential Bridal Handbook’ was born out of the need to inform and educate brides on how to plan a flawless event. The book also serves as a journal and resource book, where people can get all the tips they need on planning their event and managing their budget. She wrote the book with the contributions of a few of her friends who are event service providers, so it’s packed with a lot of experience from professionals. This is just the book to recommend for every bride-to-be.



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Funke won the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2006 by Nigeria’s most prestigious youth awards platform, The Future Awards. She has also been named “Wedding Planner of the Year” by the Wedding Planner Magazine.




In 2011, she was featured on CNN International’s Inside Africa for her extraordinary work planning a Nigerian Royal wedding. As an entrepreneur, Funke has been able to create something out of nothing.




As an event planner, she had formerly encountered obstacles of staff turnover whereby some staff come and leave after a while to start their own businesses. To fix this, She put Incentives in place.




According to Funke, the most important personal skills you must have to be successful in business are Hard work, Focus, and Determination.




She envisions Zapphaire events 5-10 years from now as an international company, planning events outside the shores of Africa, having chains of event centers and influencing lives in general.