How to start a photography business with a studio

According to statistics every two minutes we take more pictures than they took in the whole 20th century. With the advancement in technology, taking pictures has been made incredibly easy. Any aspiring entrepreneur could tap into the photo industry to carve a niche for him self. Before delving into the nitty gritty of photography, it is important to define photography and a photographer. 

Photography is simply an art and technology of producing images on photosensitive surfaces and its digital counterpart.

A photographer is someone who takes photographs typically as an occupation.


Setting up a photography business is not a hard nut to crack. We shall endeavor to guide you through a step by step process of how to set up your own photography business.

Location /Space: The first thing you need to do is to look for a space for the photographic studio and clear it out. It could be unused room or guest room or even a space outside the house.

A business location goes a long way to determine how successful the business will be, photography business tends to do better in urban areas where there are myriads of events where the photographer can cover more. So a studio should be in a focal area where it would be easily noticed.

Equipment: the most important equipment a photographer needs is his camera. Even without a permanent studio he can still work with his camera. The most popular brand of camera are Nikon, Canon , Sony etc. Having a camera bag is also desirable because the camera bag will hold the camera’s flashlight, extra battery, extra lens .


 A lens determines how far and how close a photographer can zoom his object. There are various kinds of lens and they vary according to sizes , their is 50mm, 85mm, kit lens wide angle, telephoto lens (good for landscape flowers and travels)



Other equipments needed are tripod for holding camera, a backdrop which is commonly called background it could be the wall and lastly light is needed in a studio the light could be natural light which is the sunlight it could be also be artificial.

A Tripod

Printer: Most photographers take days, or even weeks to produce their prints. When you have your own printer, it becomes more faster to get the pictures printed. You can even produce your prints instantly and really “wow” your clients.


Camera Light

Back Drop

First thing you need to do is to mount a curtain rod on the ceiling or high up on the wall.

Then hang some curtains or fabrics of different colours, and switch them out as needed to get the look you or customer want. You can also display colorful artwork on your wall for a more unique background for portraits

Another modern way of exhibiting your work of art is by having a formidable online presence; with a website, you can easily display your work.

You can also take advantage of various platform available for displaying your portfolio in the cloud such as,,‎.

Instagram is also being used by most art-designersand photographers


With this, any potential client can have a feel of your work from anywhere in the world without their physical presence.