All you need to know about senator Ben Murray-Bruce



Benedict Murray- Bruce was born on 18th February 1956 in Lagos state. His parents; Mulligan and Margaret are from Ijaw and Akassa respectively in Bayelsa state. Ben is a graduate of University of Southern California with a degree in Marketing and Business. He ventured into show business in Los Angele, USA and according to him, he got into show business by accident. He was able to make use of his acquired knowledge in Marketing and business.

He founded Silverbird Group. To know more about his achievements, here are 7 more facts



Motivational Speaker

Ben Bruce- Murray is a motivational speaker who has great influence on Nigerian youths.He’s also an entrepreneur and a politician.



Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

In 2011, Ben ran during the governorship election of Bayelsa state where he was unsuccessful. He was screened out of the gubernatorial race under the umbrella of the People’s Democratic Party. Despite this, he still forged ahead to later declare his intention to represent Bayelsa East senatorial district at the national assembly.

He got elected into the senate in March 2015. He assumed office on May 29 2015 and he’s currently representing Bayelsa East constituency in Bayelsa state.


Beauty Pageant promoter

Prior to starting Silverbird Group, he promoted the Miss Nigeria Pageantry in 1983, Miss Intercontinental Pageantry 1986-1994 and to date, he promotes the annual Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant which he started in 1986.



Founded Silver Bird Entertainment

Siliver Bird Television

His passion for show business made him and his wife to establish the now defunct Silverbird Magazine in 1980. Silver bird production was started with N20,000  which Ben borrowed from his father, a desk in a small corner of the Domino administrative office, six staffs and only two business activities which are pageantry and program syndication. Today the company has turned to a conglomerate with hundreds of staff, 3 radio stations, Rhythm 93.7 in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt; Silverbird television, Silverbird Cinema; the first and only cinema multiplex with 5 screens, Silverbird Entertainment and Siverbird Galleria.



Board Members of Top-Notch Entertainment Committees

Ben served as Director General of Nigerian Television Authority from 1999-2003. He’s currently a member of the Board of National Arts Theatre, Nigerian film Corporation, Federal Films Censors Board, National film Distribution Company and the Nigerian Anti- Piracy Action Committee.



MBGN Pageant

Ben’s Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) pageant took over the market leadership from Miss Nigeria which was owned and operated by the Daily Times of Nigeria at a time when the latter was beginning to lose its glamour, the interest of Nigerians and its sponsor.



Ben’s MBGN broke History

The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria produced the likes of Omasan Buwa, Bianca Onoh and Agbani Darego. Agbani Darego won the Miss World contest and became the first ever Nigerian and African to win the Miss World pageant.

Agbani Darego, Miss World 2001



A Renowned Writer and Idealist

Also Worthy of note is his most recent book titled “A common sense revolution”, launched in the month of January 2016 and attracted several dignitaries including Chief Olusegun Obasanjo; but did not fail to attract critics who are of the view that the motive of the book cannot be clearly discerned whether it’s a publicity drive or its actually in a bid to salvage Nigeria.


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