Here is the chronicle that sums up more than 2 decades of my life. As you can imagine, It is a tough thing to do: selecting a few events out of the numerous moments that have shaped a man yet there are key moments that remain unforgettable. 
I hope you laugh a lot, I hope you learn one or two things about me and I hope you find the lessons useful in living life better. 


Of course you don’t expect me to remember a jack in my first year on earth; nevertheless one thing was paramount to me that year.  If my sweet mama’s breast were not available for sucking, I turned to my right thumb. According to history, I would continue finger sucking for the next 7 years. All efforts to stop me then only heightened my awareness. I stopped it when no one forced it.


The year that Abiola won the free and fair election, I began to speak language humans can understand.


I nearly burnt down our rented apartment. Don’t mind me; I thought boiling ring was a toy. Papa bought different kinds of toy for me of course but somehow I felt that ring was one of them.


There was this beautiful lady back then who won’t stop carrying me all around, showcasing herself as my mum to everyone. But I proudly call her my small mum today. God bless her for her kindness. 


Asthma was a thorn in my flesh especially my innocent lungs. This year was the first break out of this deadly disease, I nearly died. It was a tussle I battled with for the next 8 years before I emerged an absolute winner.


I remembered I usually fought with a certain boy called BOSUN. There was practically nothing we didn’t fight over…we fought over pencils, seats, books, first position even girlfriends. We later became best of friends but the old adage that says 20 kids can’t play for 20 years got the better of us too. I am still looking for him till date.


I joined the Boys Brigade in church. So much fun.


The year that Obasanjo became Nigeria’s president, I became the head boy, time keeper and punctuality prefect in my school.


I completed primary school and left for Loyola College Ibadan. I was crowned the best overall student.


I had a grand birthday to mark my first decade on earth. That memory still lingers in my head. 


Getting used to life as a boy. 


I travelled to Lagos all alone and since that time, travelling has become one of my hobbies. This was the year I got baptised too. 


I won the first prize of an essay contest organised by Honourable Omotosho of Ibadan North Constituency. 50 candidates wrote on the 8 UN Millennium Development Goals. I was also admitted to the prestigious Oladipo Alayande School of Science, Oke-Bola.


I joined the Red Cross Society.


Secondary school education was completed. I was crowned the neatest student. That same year, Barcelona broke the hearts of all the gunners faithfuls. We thought that was our golden moment.


I read the whole bible for the first time. 


I gave my life to Christ after encountering a burning desire to know God more through a certain message delivered by Bro Gbile at the beautiful Amphi theatre. I also got my first cell phone as a gift from my Dad that year. 


I had my first practical experience as a Biology teacher. I also bought my first PC that year.


I was selected as the Follow-up coordinator of CACYOF OAU Chapter. This position sparked a love for evangelism in me. I was also the General Secretary of All-Nigeria United Nations Students’ and Youths Association (ANUNSA, OAU Chapter). 


I was the campus president of GOSHEN Drama & Word Ministries. I had a simple birthday to mark my second decade on earth but the paparazzi of that day remains the best so far.


I completed my university education. I was crowned the Face of FYB. That year, I had my first girlfriend. This relationship had it all until the unexpected happened 2 years later.


A very silent year for me. 


The year Malala Yousafzai  of Pakistan became the youngest winner of a Noble Peace Prize at age 17, I got the clarion call to serve our fatherland in Ebonyi state and it was set ablaze for God. I was selected as the Evangelism Coordinator (RUGGED) for Afikpo North Zone. The life of an evangelist is sure a blessed one. I was also the General Secretary of Medical CDS group.


I quit my first official teaching job. I began a career in network marketing. This same year, Buhari became the president of Nigeria. A change we didn’t bargain for happened.


I celebrated my silver jubilee with the special kids, less privileged and orphans. I gave more to other movements later on. That year, I also made my first million! Sergey is bae! I was greatly influenced by my life/relationship coach in person of Nike Adedokun Folagbade. She has been really phenomenal to me in this past year.


This is where I am. To God be the glory. I promise to continue to be extraordinary, limitless and a wonder to the world. I am also going all out for crpytocurrency this year. And love happened again. Don’t give up on love, don’t ever give up on your dreams. If you can dream it, you can do it. Hearty cheers to more fulfilling years ahead.

Written by Babatunde Akinola Badmus