Ground Breaking; How Ruqayyah dumped microbiology for modest fashion


Who says you need to dress half naked before you can appear fashionable? A lot of people believe that you can’t dress decently and at the same time fashionably; hence they choose outfits that make them appear like granny.

There is a big difference between dressing fashionably and dressing indecently. You can actually appear sophisticated while equally looking decent.

Smart fashion stylists have started cashing in on the trend and today, we bring you the creative Ayoola Ruqayyah Temitope, one of the jinx breakers in Nigeria passionate about modest fashion.

Can we meet you?

My name is  Ayoola Rukayah Temitope. I am from Oyo state but i reside in Lagos. I studied Microbiology at Lagos state university. I am a model, stylist, fashion designer, mental awareness advocate, the founder and brand owner of Dream wears fashion world.

When was Dream wears fashion world founded?

It was in Dec 2013. I was still pursuing my first degree then.

What was your inspiration?

Everything around me is a source of inspiration.

Was entrepreneurship a dream idea from when you were little?

No it wasn’t.

Where is Dream wears fashion world located? How can your products be bought?

It’s located in Lagos and it’s basically online via our contacts (for now) ; WhatsApp number: 08162641431; Email

What were the defining moments for you when you started?

Combining school activities with business

What would you describe as your secret formula for success as an entrepreneur?

Prayer and Gratitude to Allah is all. He’ll do more as long as you’re being grateful.

Have you won any award as an individual or as Dream wears fashion world?

As an individual..yes.

One major problem with many start-ups in Nigeria is lack of capital,how did you cope?

I didn’t start big as well but with continuous prayer and dedication,we are at this point.

Was there any special skill you had or had to learn in order to build Dream wears fashion world? 


What were your major obstacles during the initial years of it’s establishment?

No obstacles..I saw every unexpected as a challenge.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

A fruitful one

What have you learnt that you think every progressive young person should know?

Trust in your ability and never give up on yourself coupled with dependence on Allah only.

Interview by: Oyerinde Oyeyinka Baraqah

Published by Ogunbowale Olugbenga

CEO at Epower, Curator at PROJECT X, Trailblazer, Multiple award winner.

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