One of the major challenges being faced by budding entrepreneurs is the start-up fund required to start the business. Luckily, there are businesses that requires low capital outlay and one of such is operating a barber’s shop.

To give more credence to the saying that one is addressed the way one dresses, a person with a rough unkempt hair would almost be regarded as a thug which might lead him to trouble with law enforcement officials. Dressing well entails more than wearing fanciful designer wears but it also includes proper grooming. The work of a barber is basically the business of designing people’s hair to enhance their appeal. Here are the basic things needed to set up a barber’s shop.


Talent is never enough in any business, the budding barber should go for training in any well established saloon. A basic training of 6 months should be enough but it is desirable to train for a year for better proficiency in the art. The first Stream of customers would most likely be the one he meets while still in training.

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A shop is what a football field is to a footballer, what a court is to a lawyer, what a laboratory is to a scientist. The shop would be the first determinant of the barber’s stock. It is desirable to set up a barber’s shop in commercial areas where the business would be visible even to the blind. Location goes a long way in determining the number of customers that would frequent the saloon. The shop must be neat it is not good for customers to be stepping on strands of hair in the shop.

As we have noted a shop is where the work is done. The shop should contain the following:

Sitting chair

Sitting chair is where the customers would either sit to have their hair cut or where awaiting customers would wait for their turn. It the norms for the customer seat to have a mirror in front of it so that the customer can see the progress of the hair do and correct the barber in case of any error(s).

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Clipper and blades

Is perhaps the most important tool a barber needs. It is with the Clipper that he cuts his customer’s hair. A Clipper has different kinds of tooth; the kind of hair style determines the kind of tooth the barber would use.


A sterilizer is the main precautionary equipment a barber needs. Its job is to kill harmful microorganisms that could spread diseases like HIV from customers to customers. A sterilizer uses electricity making the use of the next item almost indispensable

Generating set

Due to power outage a barber may consider acquiring a small generating set, with this work won’t be slowed down whenever PHCN decides to remind us that we are in Nigeria.

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Creams and lotions

The better the barber treats his customers the greater his business booms. Barbing Creams like after shave to prevent barber’s rash popularly referred to as bumps from appearing on the customers hair, after shave Creams that smells nice and prevents dandruff and other hair diseases should be applied to the hair. All these connote professionalism and breeds confidence between the barber and the customers.

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Social media

The 21st century barber should tap into the world of internet. He does this by taking nice shots of previous hair styles he has worked on and post it on various social media such as instagram and facebook. With the right use of the social media tool, his customer base would grow astronomically.