From ‘Fire’ to ‘Fireworks’: The inside story of my 2016 journey (complete review)

How do you review the highs and lows of one entire year -365 days- in one single article? Every year, for the past 3 years, I have written a comprehensive review of my year (2015, 2014, 2013). It serves the dual purpose of inspiring you to join me in touching lives, making a difference andContinue reading “From ‘Fire’ to ‘Fireworks’: The inside story of my 2016 journey (complete review)”

How to go from SPECTATOR to SPECTACULAR (Exclusive report)

“…it was highly refreshing” -Julius Oladele   “…it was indeed spectacular” -Oyerinde Barakat   ‘FROM SPECTATOR TO SPECTACULAR’ Youth conference will go down in history not just as a repertoire of impressive public speakers but as a powerful wakeup call to Nigerian youths to levitate from being mere spectators to being spectacular. MC Abiodun JoshuaContinue reading “How to go from SPECTATOR to SPECTACULAR (Exclusive report)”


ARE YOU A SERVING CORP MEMBER? ARE YOU ABOUT TO BEGIN YOUR SERVICE YEAR?   Listen. There are 2 kinds of Corpers:   THE SPECTATORS -See Service year as a burden -Do less than is required of them -Exploit their students: sex, chores, harsh training -Kill time: gist, play, sleep, drink, smoke -Leave their communityContinue reading “THE SPECTACULAR CORPER FELLOWSHIP 2”

Can Personal Branding Provoke Success?

Transcript of my Inspirational session on Branding. Delivered on Sunday, 23rd April, 2016 Delivered at RCCG, Christ Covenant Parish, Ilasa, Lagos. INTRODUCTION What is the biggest problem facing youths in Nigeria? Since we all agree that unemployment is such a big issue, then we probably agree that if we have more Institutions and organizations toContinue reading “Can Personal Branding Provoke Success?”


“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give” -Winston Churchill   “In the end, we will not be remembered for the amount of cars we had, or the amount of cash we stashed in foreign accounts, rather we will be remembered for lives touched, impact inContinue reading “SPECTACULAR CORPER FELLOWSHIP (REPORT)”


Are you about to begin your service year or do you know any smart, passionate youth who is about to commence NYSC? Here is a fantabulous opportunity to enjoy:   Mentoring from a Merit award winner Practical lessons on the ART of being a SPECTACULAR CORPS MEMBER Guidance on selecting and implementing HIGH IMPACT PROJECTSContinue reading “WHO WANTS TO BE A SPECTACULAR CORPS MEMBER?”


Social media is full of noise makers. There are ‘preachers’ who harass you into typing ‘amen’ to get ‘the blessing’, there are ‘Kardashians’ who flaunt their latest curves, clothes and cars, there are ‘political pundits’ who will ‘die’ for Jonathan and others who campaign for Buhari (as if He is still running for President). ThenContinue reading “HOW TO STOP MAKING NOISE AND START MAKING MONEY”

Understanding God’s Precepts: Record smashing 101

It was a beautiful experience sharing with freshmen of Methodist Campus Fellowship, The Polytechnic Ibadan on how to smash records. It was also my first time in the school. The reception was grand and the thirst for knowledge was visible. Here is a synopsis of what went DOWN earlier today: Ps 119:100 (Msg) I haveContinue reading “Understanding God’s Precepts: Record smashing 101”


Child Care Unit, Poly Road, Adebayo, Ibadan. 6th Feb, 2016   Total Attendance: 150+ (110 Children and staff, 40+ well-wishers) As reported by Tunde Badmus   “We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give” -Winston Churchill   “The most devastating thing you can ever do toContinue reading “HOPE TO THRIVE AGAIN: EVENT REPORT”

Your dream job. Delivered. (UPDATED)

WHO ELSE WANTS AN IRRESISTIBLE CV AT A RIDICULOUSLY LOW FEE TO LAND THAT HIGH PAYING JOB? Did you know that your biggest obstacle to securing your dream job is not your qualifications or lack of experience? Submitting a tasteless, 1980’s format CV and hoping to get past the CV screening stage to score anContinue reading “Your dream job. Delivered. (UPDATED)”


Just yesterday, I had a terrific time at Orisun Fm in Ile-Ife Osun State. The fantabulous Awosusi Kehinde Samuel and his pretty co-anchors interviewed me on SELF-RELIANCE: AN ANTIDOTE TO POVERTY.   It was a pure Yoruba program, my second time on the show, and I certainly flowed better this time. Now, for the benefitContinue reading “SELF-RELIANCE: AN ANTIDOTE TO POVERTY (Radio interview)”