I want to raise the next generation of Nigerian entrepreneurs — Nigerian Tribune Interview

Olugbenga Ogunbowale is the team leader, Epower (www.epowerempowers.com) an ICT training and consulting firm for start-ups and established brands on designing top-notch graphics, intuitive websites, creative presentations and exceptional videos. In this interview with TUNDE OGUNESAN, the graduate of Psychology from Obafemi Awolowo University, shares his dream of placing Nigerian youths on the global map.Continue reading “I want to raise the next generation of Nigerian entrepreneurs — Nigerian Tribune Interview”

WHO ELSE WANTS TO GIVE LIKE MOTHER THERESA? Exclusive interview with Tunde Badmus

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF? My name is Akinola Babatunde Badmus Itanola. I am the last child of my parents and of course, a joy to the family. I am a proud Nigerian. I am an educator, a professional network marketer, and a loyal Arsenal fan. I am zealous and diligent in all that I doContinue reading “WHO ELSE WANTS TO GIVE LIKE MOTHER THERESA? Exclusive interview with Tunde Badmus”

Dambazau and the ‘bigmanism’ pandemic

Let me state for the record, that ‘bigmanism’ is one of Nigeria’s biggest problems. Everyone wants her neighbor to know He has arrived. Everyone wants to buy the biggest house, the baddest cars, the choicest private jets. The poor are not left out. It’s not uncommon to disturb ones neighbors with loud music or IContinue reading “Dambazau and the ‘bigmanism’ pandemic”

Press Release: Missing Budget- A National affront

  As a sense of social responsibility, we call on the leadership of the National Assembly to resolve the issue of “missing budget” with all sense of patriotism, responsibility and accountability to the good people of Nigeria who elected them. Every delay in the process of the budget’s passage is a delay on the bettermentContinue reading “Press Release: Missing Budget- A National affront”

2015: The Origins of Change

Every year, for the past 2 years, I have written a comprehensive review of my year (2014, 2013). It serves the dual purpose of inspiring someone out there to change lives (and smash records) while highlighting my thoughts and contributions to nation building and entrepreneurship. This year has been absolutely phenomenal for us as aContinue reading “2015: The Origins of Change”

Quest 4d Best: EVENT REPORT

EVENT: QUEST 4D BESTTOTAL ATTENDANCE: 300+200 [inside the hall], 100+ [outside the hall, they peeped through the windows] REPORT“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”-Winston Churchill “In the end, we will not be remembered for the amount of cars we had, or the amount ofContinue reading “Quest 4d Best: EVENT REPORT”


To officially thank you for supporting me in my successful quest for the title of ‘The Orator of the year’, and by popular demand from our most esteemed clients, throughout the rest of March, all of our services will attract a whopping 50% discount! That’s 50% on your eye-popping, mind-blowing, sales attracting Graphics design (dp,Continue reading “OFFER OF LIFE PROMO”


It’s one year already. I will refuse to comment on several unfortunate comments Jonathanians have made in defense of Jonathan as regards the Immigration recruitment tragedy, after all, everyone is entitled to an opinion no matter how wicked it may seem. However, I’m willing to dissect the Nigerian tragedy from 3 angles ONE: EMOTIONAL TRAGEDYImagineContinue reading “DISSECTING THE UNFORTUNATE IMMIGRATION RECRUITMENT TRAGEDY ONE YEAR AFTER….”

The Power of LEADERSHIP: report

The Power of Leadership:REPORT by OGUNBOWALE OLUGBENGA,Held at: UMCA Chapel, Lokogonma Phase 2 Kogi State & NYSC Secretariat, Omala, Kogi30th Jan & 6th Feb 2015Combined attendance: 275 INTRODUCTIONIn a world where real leaders make lasting changes that reverberate across the ages, Nigeria, and indeed much of Africa is stuck with leaders who can rarely seeContinue reading “The Power of LEADERSHIP: report”

My Outstanding 2014

Woooooooow! What a year! From making the top 20 in Africa in the Etisalat Flash Fiction contest to Nigeria’s victory over Ebola, the emergence of Buhari/Osinbajo as APC’s presidential/VP candidates and to my victory in the Paradigm Initiative Nigeria digital Jobs contest, it’s truly been an outstanding year for Nigeria and for me. However, theContinue reading “My Outstanding 2014”

Chronicling the Asaya experience: A Kogi Coper’s guide to NYSC orientation exercise

Let’s be clear, I was not exactly excited about being posted to Kogi [I personally wanted Ekiti or any South West state or Cross-River for that matter!] but nonetheless, I found my way to Asaya camp, Kabba on the 5th of August 2014. An experience that will forever remain priceless. I really want you toContinue reading “Chronicling the Asaya experience: A Kogi Coper’s guide to NYSC orientation exercise”