…and June was over the moon!

…and June was over the moon! [JUNE REVIEW] Gosh! It’s been 5 months since my last review! Thankfully, a conversation between Miss Kemi (my big-sister-of-life) and I rekindled the review fire. June was a good month full of twists & turns, blessings & lessons and here are my top 9 June moments: 1 I WROTEContinue reading “…and June was over the moon!”

Introducing: Epower’s LEARN FROM THE BEST 4.0

BUY THE FUTURE… Wouldn't you rather stand out, stand tall & secure your future in a sea of unemployed & unemployable youths than remain ignorant & stagnant in a rapidly evolving, ICT reliant world? Aren't you tired of being constantly broke, constantly choked? Its time to upgrade your skills, time to supercharge your life, TIMEContinue reading “Introducing: Epower’s LEARN FROM THE BEST 4.0”


Whether or not you know it, everyone has a brand by default, question is: what kind of brand do you have? Everything you do or say and how you look contributes to how you’re perceived and consequently treated by others.  And in the world of personal branding, there are only two kinds of people: creatorsContinue reading “BUILD YOUR BRAND PART 1”


The challenge of ‘change’ One way of defining the word ‘Change’, according to Encarta dictionary is ‘making or becoming different’. However, in Nigeria, the word ‘change’ is used in a different, yet interesting way. Whenever you are about to enter a bus, you are reminded to come in with your ‘change’, whenever you want toContinue reading “THE CHALLENGE OF CHANGE”

My personal thanksgiving memoir: 2013’s Most Prodigious Personalities

My personal thanksgiving memoir: 2013’s Most Prodigious Personalities ALL MEN ARE BORN EQUAL, NOT ALL FRIENDS. To close 2013 in grand style, I have decided to say thank you in a very special way to all those that made my year rock. Arranged in order of their most impactful month, here are the titans: JAN-MARCHContinue reading “My personal thanksgiving memoir: 2013’s Most Prodigious Personalities”

10 over 10

GPS Global Paradigm Shifters What? There are numerous challenges facing today’s young minds. Here are four of the most focal: Media Over-dose Traditional media like Tv & Radio and their sponsors continue to celebrate nudity & stupidity while social media’s instant information dissemination/communication are mostly employed by young minds for short term unproductive and longContinue reading “10 over 10”

By popular demand, Here’s THE COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT of #BURST

On the very 2nd day in the 11th month of 2013, I participated in the much anticipated and widely acclaimed brand focused tweet show #BURST hosted by Africa’s youngest corporate event host (Ayomide Atitebi), and by popular demand, I present to you the epoch making tweets (edited for better readability) that have continued to makeContinue reading “By popular demand, Here’s THE COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT of #BURST”

Visual Branding for IMPERIAL INSTITUTE

Hi dear,Some weeks ago, I embarked on a thrilling visual adventure to brand IMPERIAL INSTITUTE. As to whether my quest bore good fruits, be the judge; ONE: News letter (cover) TWO: Roll-up banner (A) THREE: Roll-up banner (B) FOUR: 10 by 10 foot Banner I am your go to guy for your visual brand needs (logoContinue reading “Visual Branding for IMPERIAL INSTITUTE”