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In a Nation with over 35 million unemployed youths, entrenched corruption and a frail economy, Nigeria’s youth are desperately in search of answers.

To find them, is on a quest to track and unveil the secrets, strategies and stories of Nigeria’s most successful individuals and organizations, true unicorns turning tradition on its head, touching lives and making a massive difference, all in a bid to ultimately inspire a new generation of youths who will not only replicate success in their own lives but consequently aid the emergence of a new Nigeria. presents a refreshing daily dose of inspiration for the nation, code named PROJECT X.

Pls note that PROJECT X is not for profit.

However, participating in this project either as a contributor to, or sponsor of any of the daily programs means you consider the success of Nigeria’s youth as top priority and you really are MAD (Making a Difference).

Thank you.





THE PANEL (Mondays)

Unemployment, success, corruption, love…you name it.

To dissect burning issues affecting Nigeria’s youth and share their unique perspectives are 4 distinguished experts who will embark on a fantastic quest to engage, enlighten and most importantly, inspire Nigeria’s youth. Welcome to THE PANEL.




COUNT DOWN (Tuesdays)

Just like your favorite top 10 music countdown, the COUNT DOWN unveils top trailbalzers and top strategies that are guaranteed to help you live the life of your dreams and smash records while you’re at it. From the top entrepreneurs to the richest people on the planet and from the most amazing keys to success to the most unusual events ever, we’ve got you covered.



The ICONOCLAST (Wednesdays)

The ICONOCLAST is on a mission to unearth the most inspiring young people who are truly touching lives on earth. From entrepreneurs with mind-blowing innovations to scientists with life-saving ideas and to the most remarkable people you’ve never heard about, get ready to be fired up with exclusive Interviews of young terrific people turning tradition on its head and making a massive difference.



The SPARK (Thursdays)

Welcome to Nigeria’s hottest WhatsApp debate contest where age & educational qualifications are relegated to the background except for one thing: pure oratory. Unleash your intellectual sagacity, argumentative dexterity and compete with contestants from all across Nigeria for a chance to flex your persuasion skills and win amazing prizes.




Ever heard a story that made you cry?

Stories are powerful. Stories are memorable. Stories inspire us, inform us and instruct us. And now, we bring you the most inspiring short stories from all around the world not just because our brains are wired for stories or because everyone loves a good story but because life is a story.



BRAND REPORT (Saturdays)

Until somebody decides to brand something, it remains a COMMODITY. Until someone decides to brand himself, he is a NONENTITY. From the plush Skyscrapers of Lagos to the green farms of Benue, get set to learn the a-z of personal and corporate branding straight from Nigeria’s finest, richest and most successful brands. Strap on your seat belt for the ride of a lifetime!

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